Emmerdale plot hole as Vinny tracks down Meena How stupid do these writers think we are?

Emmerdale: Sam discovers his van has gone missing

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Emmerdale fans have hit out over the latest instalment of the ITV soap when Vinny Dingle (played by Bradley Johnson) decided to follow psycho killer Meena Jutla (Paige Sandhu) in Sam Dingle’s (James Hooton) rather loud van, which eventually brought him to where she was holding her sister Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker) captive. As he entered the barn in which Manpreet was tied up, Meena struck him over the head with a plank of wood. However, many viewers have flagged up several errors in the storyline and they took to Twitter to vent. 

After Meena knocked Vinny out cold in Friday’s instalment she said: “I do so love visitors.”

A weak Manpreet who was lying helpless on the floor replied: “Please leave him, please.”

However, Meena snapped at her sister: “Shut up! Or I might just decide three’s a crowd.”

The dramatic episode ended with Vinny lying unconscious on the floor of the barn with Meena looking over him wondering what to do next. 

Emmerdale fans immediately took to social media following the explosive ending to hit out after spotting a plot hole within the instalment. 

They noticed Vinny was driving Sam’s work van particularly close to Meena’s car on a quiet country road, which was not a subtle way of tracking her down at all. 

Dave fumed: “Vinny, you’re a f*****g moron following her so closely #emmerdale.” 

Hallie added: “Vinny giving chase to a serial killer in the world’s loudest van.” 

@delucaevans quipped: “[I] feel like Meena is gonna notice the big Dingle van following her #Emmerdale.” 

@LovesRedWine added: “Can Inspector Vinny make it anymore obvious?!  #Emmerdale”

Will Burnett raged: “How much more obvious can he make it – he’s following her? Any closer and he’d be overtaking #Emmerdale.” 

@1969Turkey said: “So Vinny is going to follow and face Meena and tell nobody? You would go to the police with suspicion… How stupid do these writers think we are?” 

So Vinny has unintentionally joined Manpreet as one of Meena’s hostages in the latest twist on the ITV soap. 

Earlier this week, Meena dragged Manpreet into a car boot and fans of the show discovered she’s been keeping her sibling alive in a barn outside the village. 

When Vinny noticed the killer leaving Emmerdale in her car, he jumped into the Dingle van to follow her. 

However, Meena realised he was behind her on the road in a matter of minutes and lured him to the barn where she had been keeping Manpreet. 

Could Vinny end up being Meena’s next victim? She’s killed multiple times before, and who is to say she will stop anytime soon? 

Meena actor Paige opened up earlier this week about what the future hold for her twisted character now she’s got two villagers hostage. 

“I think we have got a bit of exhilaration. As we go on, I wouldn’t say that she’s out of her depth, but I would say that she is definitely feeling the stress,” she told Digital Spy. 

“She’s having to juggle so many things while also having to keep her mask in the village, like we’ve seen Rishi is very suspicious of her, Liam is starting to get suspicious, there’s Billy and Dawn snooping around and with Vinny, that adds all of the Dingles into the mix.”

Emmerdale continues on weekdays at 7pm on ITV. 

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