Emmerdale spoiler guide: Moira and Charity's war, Cathy's terror and two returns

Tensions rise in Emmerdale next week, as Moira Dingle (Natalie J Robb) can’t help interfering ahead of Mack’s (Lawrence Robb) wedding to Charity (Emma Atkins).

Certain that he still wants kids of his own, Moira quizzes her brother on his future – only for a very unimpressed Charity to walk in.

But Moira isn’t about to let this go, leading to a showdown that leaves Charity storming out on Mack.

Across the village, Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker) is able to conclude a possible diagnosis for Cathy Hope (Isabella Flanagan).

Overhearing the implications of this on her life, a panicked Cathy flees – leaving Bob (Tony Audenshaw) to reassure his daughter he will always be there for her.

Meanwhile, with Alex’s plans gathering momentum, Manpreet walks into danger as he prepares to strike.

Here’s what to expect next week.

Monday March 20

Bernice and Wendy do their best to support Bob regarding his daughter’s plight.

Soon Manpreet makes a breakthrough in diagnosing the cause of Cathy’s symptoms, although the implications leave her concerned.

Later, Manpreet advises Bob that Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder might be the cause of Cathy’s suffering.

Eavesdropping, a stunned Cathy hears it could affect her for decades. Bob decides not to tell Cathy this hypothetical diagnosis until it can be confirmed.

However Cathy walks in explaining she’s heard everything.

When Bob tells her they’ll get through it, broken-hearted Cathy isn’t ready to hear him and she flees.

When Bob finds Cathy he does his best to reassure her, determined to support his daughter through anything. 

Marlon scraps his planned birthday celebrations after his fallout with Paddy. Soon Paddy calls round to apologise to Marlon After they express their gratitude for each other

Meanwhile, Mary’s delighted Rhona still wants to meet the new woman in her life despite the party having been cancelled. Later in the pub, Mary enjoys her date with Faye.

Alex overhears a phone call from Manpreet about the surgery’s drug delivery and soon makes a furtive phone call.

Tuesday March 21

Alex struggles to keep his cool with a mystery caller. Oblivious Naomi and Charles are optimistic when he says he’s a job interview that day.

Belle sees Alex handing cash to a mystery woman.

Later, when Alex comes into the Woolpack admitting his interview went well, Belle tells Naomi about Alex. Chas backs up Belle’s sighting of Alex to a disbelieving Naomi, who gears up to confront Alex.

When Naomi catches Alex in a lie in the beer garden about the non-existent job interview, he promises to explain everything.

After introducing Clare and her son Max to Naomi, he explains he’s been helping her financially after meeting Max’s dad in prison. Back at Woodbine, after making sure everything’s good between him and Naomi, Alex makes an excuse and leaves.

While Naomi feels like their relationship is more solid than ever, Alex meets up with mystery Clare again and it’s revealed his relationship with Naomi is a sham and he’s planning a robbery of the surgery. 

Sarah and anxious Chloe arrive back in the village while Charity’s gutted to hear the venue for her hen do has been flooded.

A visit from Moira leaves her newly responsible for the hen party and Mack’s stag, as well as being Mack’s best man.

Later, after watching Chloe and Mack interact, Moira’s sure there’s more to this situation, but she lets it lie.

Paddy’s grateful when Rhona trusts he’s ready to return to work. And later in the

Paddy and Chas manage to have a civilised conversation about breaking the news to Eve that Paddy is moving out. 

Wednesday March 22

Liam and Manpreet deal with issues due to the surgery’s closure.

Alex listens in with interest before stealing Manpreet’s surgery keys from her bag. Soon armed with a crowbar, Alex lets himself into the surgery to look for the drugs.

When Manpreet arrives at the surgery she is puzzled to find the front door open and heads for her office, unaware Alex is waiting for her with the crowbar raised. 

Noah’s at a loss when he finds Amelia is contemplating quitting college because of the difficulties of finding care. 

Charity’s starting to get nervous about Moira organising her hen. Later, Moira has some questions for Mack –  is he sure he wants to give up the chance to have a baby of his own? Charity’s fuming to arrive home to find Moira sowing doubts.

Liam has understood Marlon’s concerns about Paddy leaving the village so steps in by inviting Paddy to move in with him.

Thursday March 23

Things are still unsettled after Moira’s pointed comments and when Ryan and Nate say they’re not coming to his stag, Mack is flustered.

At the Hide, Charity’s unimpressed when Moira reveals the theme for the combined Stag and Hen do.

Moira continues to pressure Mack about choosing Charity over the chance to have a child. Chloe’s defiant when Mack tells her not to stay long at the party.

When Charity injures Chloe while celebrating the result of a ferret race, Mack rushes to her aid. Amy takes winded Chloe to the hospital, Mack has to check himself from seeming overly concerned.

With Moira continuing to stir things up with Charity, Mack knows he has to say something; Charity reels after he confesses Moira thinks he still wants to be a dad.

Charity struggles to believe Mack when he says there’s nothing in Moira’s claims And when Charity bolts for the exit, Mack says he’ll never forgive Moira if she’s ruined this relationship for him.

Dan’s determined to sort care out for Amelia. Sam is proud of Samson when he reveals his latest exam results and hands him money to celebrate.

Liam may have bitten off more than he can chew while Chas is taken aback by the sight of Paddy packing his bag to leave. 

Friday March 24

Dawn can’t help but worry about Naomi ending up in trouble now she’s involved with Alex. Later in the pub, Naomi is frustrated when Dawn attempts to warn her away from Alex yet again.  

Paddy has lots of support but is still struggling

Noah’s left outraged by Samson’s attitude and soon they square up to one another. 

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