Emmerdale tragedy for Dan Spencer as fans work out troubling outcome

Emmerdale Amelia shows Sarah a picture on her phone

Dan Spencer (played by Liam Fox) has become increasingly concerned that his young daughter Amelia Spencer (Daisy Campbell) seems to have a stalker.

During Friday’s episode of the ITV staple, Dan decided to take matters into his own hands after the police refused to take action.

After tracking stalker Lloyd down and confronting him in person, Dan still believed he had more to say.

Speaking to Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley), he asked: “Has he been texting [Amelia]?”

“No, not since…” she replied before Dan interjected: “Where is she?”

“She’s in the salon,” Mandy explained, to which Dan admitted: “I’ve been to see him.”

“I don’t know if I want to know what happened,” Mandy stated.

After recounting his interaction with the stalker to Mandy, he picked up the phone to call him.

Leaving a voicemail, he stated: “Hey, if I need to visit you again, I’m coming into your place next time.

“And the only way you’ll be leaving there is in a body bag, alright?”

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However, fans believe Dan has now set himself up for a criminal record of his own.

Twitter user @Margare16040532 penned: “Not the wisest move Dan, leaving that voicemail…. #Emmerdale.”

@CaroleAnn1982 added: “Genius idea Dan, leaving a message the stalker can give to the police saying you’re bothering him, doh #emmerdale.”

“Sadly, they’ll probably take Dan threatening him a lot more seriously than they will with Llyod at this point. #Emmerdale,”@itzzzo_ wrote.

@charleezcat shared: “#emmerdale big mistake Dan, leaving a threatening message.”

@penniless_poet tweeted: “Well done Dan – you have now given Lloyd evidence of threatening him plus harassing him at his workplace.”

@TVMusings22 commented: “That’s right Dan leave a voicemail so it can be traced #Emmerdale.”

Is Dan at risk of being arrested for harassing Lloyd? Although he was trying to protect his daughter, he could have made things much worse.

Will he soon come to regret leaving the threatening message, which could be brought to the police?

Emmerdale continues on Monday at 7.30 pm on ITV.

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