Emmerdale viewers left fuming at disappointing Lydia storyline after harrowing rape

Emmerdale fans have shared that they were left rather disappointed at the latest twist in Lydia Dingle's storyline, which saw her burn the evidence of her rape.

Wednesday's episode saw Lydia order a taxi to the police station, only for her to exit it the taxi and run into the woods where she set fire to the clothes she had been attacked in.

Viewers were left shocked at the scenes, as many took to Twitter to express their concern over the character, especially now that the clothes will not be able to be used as evidence to prosecute her rapist, and childhood friend, Craig.

Taking to Twitter, one viewer expressed disgust at the storyline, writing: "Nah I hate what #Emmerdale are doing with Lydia. Dragging out rape storylines and making it certain that no conviction will happen isn’t entertainment, it’s sick"

"Oh no Lydia really, signals the way for another long drawn out story. Plus #emmerdale totally irresponsible choosing a wood to burn her clothes in, trust you were able to extinguish it quickly." added another.

While a third wrote: "Ooooo…. I thought Lydia was going to the Police Station with her clothing? I'm sad to see her burn them. #Emmerdale"

And a fourth tweeted: "Burn the evidence! The route they've chosen to go with this story is so disappointing."

Ahead of the show's harrowing rape storyline, actress Karen Blick opened up to OK! about how she's been using healing crystals to cope with filming the traumatic storyline.

She told us: "My friend is a crystal healer – she’s very talented. She came to my house and gave me a complimentary session before we started filming.

"Then she gave me three crystals and said, ‘Keep that one in your bra, and put these two in Lydia’s shoes, then take them out when you put Lydia’s shoes on and put them in your shoes."

“I have a crystal grid that she advised me on in the dressing room I share with Claire [King, who plays Kim]. For this storyline in particular, I feel like it’s given me an extra boost.”

Karen also shared how she became emotional when she was told about the storyline, telling us: "I’ve played Lydia for seven years, and she’s become part of me, so I feel very protective of her.

"She’s like a really good friend, and if somebody was telling me this is going to happen to a really good friend, I would have an emotional reaction.

"James [Hooton, who plays Sam] had no idea – he kept saying, ‘I know where this is going’ and then when Jane [Hudson, the show’s executive producer] said, ‘Then Craig rapes Lydia’, it was shocking. Both of us had tears in our eyes."

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