Emmerdales Faith confirms shes hiding something as she clashes with Cain

Emmerdale's Faith Dingle (Sally Dexter) appeared to confirm that she is hiding a big secret during Monday night's episode (May 2) of the popular ITV soap.

Emmerdale producer Laura Shaw previously explained: "Faith has a huge, big and shocking secret," which is set to severely affect Cain, Chas and Faith in future episodes, and it is set to be exposed during the highly anticipated flash-forward week.

But during Monday's episode, viewers could see that something was clearly on her mind.

When Cain bumped into his mum, he asked: "On the sauce again last night?" as she quickly replied: "I was not!"

Cain then asked if Faith could babysit his children later, but she hesitantly replied: "Oh son you know I'd love to have them and if it was any other day…"

Later, as Cain and Moira entered the pub, she observed: "Now that looks like a very good idea!"

Looking disgusted, Cain commented: "Too busy doing shots to look after your own grandkids…"

Faith replied: "I am not doing shots, I just need something to give me a bit of a lift, if you must know," suggesting she had just discovered some unwanted news.

Later in the episode, Faith was seen downing shots and admitted she'd had "a bit of a day", however, the reason behind her behaviour remained a mystery.

Cain made it clear that Faith had no place sitting at their table in the pub but also uttered: "That's my mother unfortunately."

This comes shortly after fans believed they had already uncovered Faith's troubling secret – that she is Al Chapman's biological mother.

Taking to Facebook, one eagle-eyed fan theorised: "I think [Faith's] secret is that Al is her son who she had adopted before she married Shadrach and he and Cain are half brothers.

"Remember when Al first came in, he said he was adopted but was never happy and always felt unloved."

Others were quick to agree, as one quickly followed up: "That would also mean that Chas and Al are half brother and sister too!" as another pointed out: "Yes, and he had an incestuous affair with his niece Debbie and nearly with Chas."

Everything is set to come to a head during the dramatic flash-forward scenes which are set to take place from Monday, May 9.

Emmerdale airs weeknights on ITV at 7.30pm

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