Hockey 50p coin: how much is it worth?

A RARE Hockey 50p coin could be hiding in your spare change – so don't puck about.

There are 29 Olympic 50p coin designs in total, each featuring a different sport. But if you have the Hockey 50p piece, here's how much you can expect to score.

The Royal Mint released a set of Olympic 50p coins over a decade ago in 2011 to commemorate the upcoming 2012 games in Britain.

Each one depicts a different sport, from tennis to judo.

Some designs are more valuable than others, though.

The Hockey 50p piece was designed by Robert Evans, an engraver and sculptor for the Royal Mint, and it features two hockey players challenging for the puck.

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Above them is the London 2012 logo, and below is the denomination, "50 PENCE".

The obverse of the coin depicts the crowned head of Queen Elizabeth II.

How rare is the Hockey 50p coin?

There are 1,773,500 Hockey 50p coins in circulation, out of a possible 200million regular 50ps floating about in change.



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Out of the 29 Olympic designs, the Hockey 50p is the 17th rarest, according to The Coin Expert.

And Change Checker has given it a scarcity rating of 53 out of 100, with one being the most common label and 100 being the rarest.

So this coin sits slightly more towards the uncommon end of the spectrum.

The Football 50p Olympic coin is the rarest out of the lot, with just 1,125,500 in circulation.

How much is the Hockey 50p coin worth?

Sporting fans and collectors alike may be looking to nab the Hockey 50p to complete their Olympic coin collection.

This means your spare change could fetch you more than its face value.

Those who have seen the coin fall into their pockets have taken to eBay to flog it for a small profit.

We saw one seller collect a total of £4 for their Hockey 50p after piquing the interest of four bidders.

The starting price was just one penny, and in the space of five bids, it climbed by 400% to four quid.

That means the coin sold for eight times its face value.

Though be aware that a sale can fall through on eBay, meaning an item hasn't sold for the amount it says it has.

If you have a coin you'd like to sell, check how much it's worth with experts at The Royal Mint or Change Checker, and have a look at other listings to get a feel for the price people are willing to pay.

If this has got you routing through your change, make sure to check whether you have any of the rarest 50ps that are worth up to £750.

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