Emmerdales Meena actress binge-watched Killing Eve to prep for killer character

Emmerdale's Paige Sandhu told Christine Lampard that she binge-watched Killing Eve to help channel evil energy to help her play her killer character.

Paige plays Meena Julta in Emmerdale, who is currently on a killing spring in the soap.

The actress featured on a segment on Tuesday's episode of Lorraine and shared a closer look into her character.

She said: "I feel like Villanelle is there is a lot of similarities between Meena and herself and she was a massive inspiration along with a lot of other movies and documentaries and books that I've been diving into."

"But yeah, Villanelle was the big one."

Paige went on to describe her killer character as a "psychopath" and says there are some big lines coming up for her in the Yorkshire-based soap.

She added: "She's a psychopath, so she can't feel emotions the way that your average human being can, for example, guilt, empathy, feat, she can't feel those emotions like you and I, so it does mean that it [killing] is easy for her."

The show then played a clip of Emmerdale, which suggest Victoria could be next for the chop, as Meena thinks she's trying to cosy up to her man.

When teasing what could be in store for Victoria, Paige added: "Let's just say Meena doesn't like Victoria at all, even me as Paige Sandu doesn't even like Victoria.

"Victoria is getting a bit too close to David so…."

Stand-in host, Christine replied: "She might be right in this one but it doesn't deserve murder that's for sure."

Paige then quickly quipped: "But we don't know what will happen."

Christine then said: "We don't, I'm merely speculating, but please don't let Meena go near Theor. I can't cope with that."

Paige then revealed that her character has no boundaries and she wouldn't put taking children's lives past her.

The actress added: "I mean she will, I can't say much about what will happen, but I have been asked a few times if Meena would go so far to kill a child and I've always answered 'yeah she would, she doesn't care'.

"It's not like she has some special feeling of children, she doesn't care.

"If someone is standing in her way, she will get rid of them. and if Theo is doing that then that will happen."

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