Emotional Brad McLelland reveals he's found long lost sister after 15 years after she watched him on Love Island

LOVE Island star Brad McLelland revealed today his long lost sister has reached out to him after seeing him on the ITV2 show.

The TV star shared his happy news on ITV's Lorraine today as host Ranvir Singh said he was going to make her "cry" with the sweet story.

Brad, from Northumberland, melted hearts as he told viewers he'd spent years searching for his younger sibling, but with no luck.

He said Love Island turned his fortunes around and whilst he was still single he was finally able to meet his 15 year old sister who shares the same dad.

He said: "I grew up just with me Nana. Me dad wasn't on the scene.

"I always knew that I had a younger sister for years, I looked on social media, but I just had her name.

"She saw us on the show and she reached out to us, she called me on FaceTime that was the first time I've seen her face. My plan is now to have a relationship with her and to move on."

A shocked Ranvir said Brad was about to make her "cry" with the sweet story, pointing out he had found love following the ITV2 show "in a different way".

I searched for years…

The labourer replied: "Yeah, she's 15 now, it means the world for us. I'm one of six (siblings) from me mam's side anyway, and me brothers and sisters are massive for me.

"I try to spend as much time with them as I can. So another sibling is a huge thing."

He added: "You go on that show to find love in that way, but it's not always guaranteed. But what is guaranteed is what you've got at home."

Brad – who was coupled up with Lucinda Strafford but was dumped from the villa in a shock twist – also told how his grandmother raised him since he was four years old.

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Reflecting on his life under her wing, he said: "We've been together just me and her, and her little dog for 21 years.

"We argue a lot, but the respect i've got for her is massive, she ended her life to look after me."

He made Ranvir even more emotional when he said his nan "cried a lot" seeing the support he got during Love Island from local people.

He added: "She didn't watch the show before I went on. I think she complained about a few things in there, just young people in there doing things young people do. She's old fashioned.

"But me nan actually cried a lot when people were going past the house and saying how proud they were of me. Me nan got upset over all the appreciation i was getting."

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