Emotional scenes as Ryan gets news from the doctors after Corrie acid attack

Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) has been left severely injured after an horrific acid attack in Coronation Street.

Ryan was hit by acid thrown by Justin Rutherford (Andrew Still), after he jumped between him and Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan).

Justin had been stalking Daisy for months, and told her that no one else would want her as he threw the corrosive substance.

It was Ryan who took the direct hit and was left in agony as Daisy attempted to help him as they waited for an ambulance.

In tonight’s (March 29) episode, Ryan learnt that the procedure to remove his damaged tissue had gone well, but that it was too early to tell if he would need a skin graft on his face.

Doctors revealed that they wanted to take Ryan for a skin graft on his arm that evening, leaving Ryan worried.

The devastated DJ decided against seeing his face, but was assured by the psychologist that there would be support available to should he want to look in the near future.

As ex-girlfriend Alya Nazir (Sair Khan) paid him a visit, heartbroken Ryan pushed her away, insisting that he didn’t want to see anyone.

Despite this, Daisy later paid him a visit herself, bringing him the news that Crystal still wanted him to go to Ibiza with her when he was ready.

Though Ryan was convinced that she wouldn’t want to stick around after she saw what he looked like, Daisy assured him that she really liked him.

Before she could finish, Ryan cut her off, confessing that the doctors had told him that, thanks to her, he had been lucky.

He told her that because she acted so calmly and got water on his burns so fast, she was able to stop the acid burning any deeper.

Daisy insisted that anybody would have done the same, though Ryan didn’t think that they would.

With Ryan set to have a long road of recovery ahead, will Daisy continue to support him throughout?

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