Eva Green Blames Her Frenchness for Calling Movie Crew Members Weak and Stupid Pheasants

While testifying in court, the ‘Penny Dreadful’ actress insists she didn’t really mean it when she called movie crew members ‘weak and stupid pheasants’ in angry rant.

AceShowbizEva Green apologized for her “Frenchness” after saying “some horrible things” in a swear-laden rant. Currently pursuing legal action against the producers and backers of the “A Patriot” – a film that was set to star her, Charles Dance, and Helen Hunt, before it fell through in 2019, the “Casino Royale” star attributed her nationality and culture to why she called the movie’s prospective director a “f****** inexperienced, pretentious moron” while testifying at the High Court in London on Monday, January 30, 2023.

Suing White Lantern Films and SMC Speciality Finance for $1 million – the fee she claims she is owed, the 42-year-old actress allegedly described her colleagues as “weak and stupid” in a string of abusive messages.

In response to Eva’s claim, White Lantern has brought a countersuit against the former Bond Girl which claims she undercut the movie’s production, made “excessive creative and financial demands,” and her vision was “incompatible” with the movie’s small budget.

Max Mallin KC, the legal representative for the production company previously stated that Eva possessed an “animosity” about the executive producer Jake Seal’s concept for the movie.

The barrister went on record to say that Eva – while talking to the director and her agent – that Jake was intending on making a “cheap B movie,” branded him “the devil,” and called the members of the crew “s***** peasants… from Hampshire.”

In response, the “Penny Dreadful” star explained she was concerned they were “not experienced” while she was questioned in court and had “nothing against peasants.”

Eva told the court, “I don’t know… it’s my Frenchness coming out sometimes. Sometimes you say things you don’t actually mean, of course they are not weak and stupid… I have nothing against peasants. I didn’t want to work with a substandard crew. I wanted to work with a high-quality crew who just wanted to be paid standard industry rates.”

She went on to apologise for her “inappropriate language” and for saying “some horrible things.”

Eva will finish giving evidence on Tuesday, January 31, 2023, and a ruling on the case is expected at a later date.

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