Frozen Planet viewers appalled by seals mating ritual in shows new series

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BBC viewers have shared their reactions after learning about a seal’s unique mating ritual on BBC’s Frozen Planet II.

The long-awaited wild-life show, hosted by Sir David Attenborough, returned to screens on Sunday night (September 11.

In the show, Sir David explained how the male seal develops inflatable noses at six years old and revealed when they’re enlarged, it shows they’re ready to breed.

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The much-loved narrator explained that the bigger the animal’s nose becomes, the more attractive they become to a female.

In eye-brow-raising scenes, the male seal is seen inflating the sack in his left nostril until it blows up to the size of pretty large red balloon as his mating call.

However, his unimpressed love interest gives him a sharp nip on the tail, which is the seal equivalent of facing rejection.

Sir David’s brilliant commentary had viewers in hysterics as in his voice-over, he said: “No wonder he’s deflated.”

It didn’t take long until the show’s viewers shared their hilarious reactions to the rather bizarre moment, with many in fits of giggles.

One viewer wrote: “Hey, who wants to see my expandable sack?!”

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Another admitted: “I wouldn’t be impressed with a nose ball bag either, love.”

One viewer weighed in: “Those hooded seals have the strangest idea of sexy I’ve ever seen.”

Another joked: “Size matters,” while another penned: “I mean I’d be turned off too if a great big fat seal blew a pink ballsack out of its left nostril to try and woo me.”

Over a decade since the first series, Frozen Planet II uses new technology to take viewers on a journey through the earth’s coldest and most remote icy lands.

Talking about the show, David said in the trailer that the show explores “earth’s frozen habitats, where life finds a way not just to survive, but to thrive”.

Frozen Planet II returns on Sunday on BBC One.


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