GMB's Dr Hilary Jones pokes fun at Piers Morgan as he shows off 'new tattoo' after 'intimate piercing' clanger

GOOD Morning Britain's Dr Hilary Jones poked fun at Piers Morgan today as he showed off his "new tattoo" following his "intimate piercing" clanger.

Piers, 55, spent much of the week ranting about professionals who have been inked – claiming that they'd be unable to perform their job to a high standard.

He was particularly outraged at the notion of a school teacher having a tattoo, as well as doctors and other "respectable" jobs – with Susanna Reid arguing that tattoos don't have an impact on anybody's ability to do any job.

Although Piers wasn't on today's instalment of the ITV show, GMB's resident doctor Hilary, 67, couldn't resist showing off a new sleeve to the camera – a cheeky reference to Piers' disdain for inked GPs.

Susanna asked: "Did you get an inking yesterday?"

Looking sheepish, Hilary "accidentally" revealed a huge, brightly-coloured tattoo on his arm as he pulled his sleeve up.

He told the host: "No, no, no – I don't to tats. Not my style."

Taking a swipe at Piers, Susanna quipped: "It might affect his ability to do medicine!"

Yesterday, Piers couldn't control his laughter when deadpan Dr Hilary quipped that he had "intimate piercings" in a bid to diffuse Piers and Susanna's bickering on the topic.

Piers asked the GP: "Hilary, have you got any tattoos?"

Without missing a beat, the professional replied: "No, I am more of an intimate body piercing man myself."

Piers couldn't hide his shock at the unexpected response and burst into hysterical laughter, with the GMB crew also heard chuckling off-camera.

The star needed a moment to compose himself as he continued giggling, with Hilary asking: "What's funny about that?"

Piers eventually responded: "That's my favourite moment ever.

"That's the moment the halo came crashing down, helping me realise that underneath that smiling face is a total deviant."

Hilary quipped back: "Don't judge me on that!"

Piers mentioned the moment again afterwards, cheekily claiming: "People thought he was joking!"

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