Gogglebox fans gobsmacked as Giles admits to gifting pals chlamydia tests

Gogglebox fans had a shock when Giles Wood confessed he gave away free chlamydia tests for Christmas.

As viewers tuned in for the latest instalment of the Channel 4 commentary show, the topic of Christmas presents came up as Giles and Mary tuned in to an interview with Andrew Marr and the Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

And it’s fair to say fans were shocked to hear what Giles’ gifted his female friends after the happily married couple stayed over at their house many moons ago.

In order to break the ice and thank their pals for letting them stay the night, he decided to gift each of them a Chlamydia testing kit to thank them for their stay.

On the show, Giles confessed this year he wasn’t going to go crazy during the festive period this year as shoppers begin to purchase gifts months in advance for the festive season.

Giles told Mary: “I’m certainly not stock piling on presents Mary. I always give people very nice presents or very useful presents.”

It was then that Mary revealed one of Giles’ fondest joke presents which she shared on the show.

She told the viewers: “I remember the year we went to stay with some people and there were five girls and you gave each one of them a free chlamydia test that you’d got at the doctors.

Unphased by his comical gift, he clarified: “I gave them a testing kit that I got free from the surgery because it seemed to kill two birds with one stone, nutty.”

And viewers soon took to Twitter to share their disgust online following Giles’ poorly thought out joke gift.

One user wrote: “Only Giles would get someone a chlamydia test as a Christmas present!!”

Another agreed: “Never did he give them free chlamydia tests for Christmas HAHAHA #Gogglebox.”

A third quizzed: “Chlamydia kit for a xmas pressie? Wtf. #Gogglebox” as another quipped: “Giles, that has to be below the belt… boom boom!! #Gogglebox.”

Meanwhile, another chimed in with: “A free chlamydia test for a Xmas present? Oh Giles” alongside a facepalm emoji.

And the mayhem didn’t end there as the particularly mischievous artist took it upon himself to pull a prank on his blissfully ignorant wife at the start of the episode.

As he entered the living room, he held in his hands a spiky ornament that resembled a hedgehog, and determined to cause mischief he told Mary he found a real woodland creature in their garden.

Surprised as to why he brought it into the house, Giles screamed: “It bit me” before he threw the ornament at Mary who cried out in response.

After she noticed the ornament wasn’t in fact a hedgehog she fumed at her husband as she threw the object back at him and should: “You cruel man” before she sulked in her patterned chair.

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