Gogglebox fans horrified as they spot Giles' dirty armchair when he disappears to play the piano

GOGGLEBOX fans were horrified as they spotted Giles' dirty armchair on the Channel 4 show.

The incident happened when the reality star disappeared from shot to play the piano.

Viewers could not help react as they saw a rare full view of the comfy blue armchair Giles Wood usually sits in to critic the week's TV.

He's usually joined by his wife Mary Killen, who sits by his side in a floral chair in the corner.

"Crikey! Giles's armchair looks rank," exclaimed one viewer, as the seat cover and arm rests revealed some age-old stains.

A fan of the show joked: "I once saw an armchair like Giles’ armchair in a skip – only it was cleaner and generally in better condition… #Gogglebox"

While others were worried about the health and safety risks.

"Genuinely concerned that the next global pandemic might be started by Giles' armchair #gogglebox," tweeted a fan.

Another commented: "Gile’s armchair is going to give me coronavirus just by looking at it #Gogglebox".

While others reeled from Giles comparing the Duke of Edinburgh to a reptile on last night's show.

As footage was shown of the recently hospitalised royal on his way back to Windsor Castle, Giles commented he looked a bit "reptilian" as Mary exclaimed that he "still looked handsome".

Giles added: "Let’s just hope he doesn’t choke on a lozenge."

Before Mary told him off and said: "Oh stop being nasty! Why would he even have a lozenge?"

"You know when you get to old age nutty, there is all sorts of hazards," replied Giles.

The quirky pair, who joined the show in 2015, are well known for their bickering on the programme.

One viewer observed: "We all know Giles is a strange one (though highly entertaining) the question is how the bloody hell Mary puts up with him?! #Gogglebox"

Another joked: "One of these days Giles is going to wrap one of those cushions round Mary’s head! Moaning old boot!!"

A third wrote on Twitter: "Giles is just class so funny… love his little quips ".


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