He was worried Kate Garraway mortified recalling ITV boss fears over her chaotic life

GMB: Ben Shephard teases Kate Garraway her cleanliness

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Good Morning Britain host Kate Garraway will be joining Piers Morgan for his final Life Stories on Sunday evening and gave a preview of what fans can expect to see. Her co-star Ben Shephard was particularly happy to see Piers bringing up Kate’s messy car.

Kate was left mortified when Piers mentioned her former GMTV boss Martin Frizzell wanted to call the police over the state of her car.

Piers remarked: “That’s just the normal state of your car.”

Kate replied: “He was really worried, he wanted to call the police but I said it was fine and I couldn’t see what the problem was.”

Kate went on to recall a time when her husband, Derek Draper, got into her car and ended up putting his hand on a piece of cheese.

She continued: “Derek got into the car and sat down and put his hand in a piece of brie cheese.”

“Oh, God no!” Piers replied as Kate continued: “The day before I’d had a cranberry and brie sandwich.”

“No,” Piers interrupted. “This is awful.”

The mum-of-two insisted: “Can I just say I am a bit cleaner than I used to be but the chaos is still there.”


Back in the studio, Ben told viewers: “She’s not by the way.”

“I am!” Kate shouted. “I was on the road a lot then. You know when you report on the road.

“There is a lot of fascinating stuff in this interview I am hoping.”

Ben went on to chat about a time he got into Kate’s car, recalling: “I got into your car and much like Martin said at the time I thought someone was living in it. I was like ‘Kate what is all this?'”

Earlier this year, Piers confirmed he was quitting Life Stories and Kate would be his last guest.

He went on to reveal Kate would go on to present the final three shows of Life Stories.

Taking to Twitter at the time, the former GMB star said: “BREAKING NEWS: I’m quitting Life Stories after 12 years and 100 shows.

“My final one will be with my fabulous friend @kategarraway and she will then present the remaining 3 planned shows of the next series as I leave ITV to host my new global daily show. It’s been a blast!”

Piers’ decision comes after his sudden exit from GMB in March and is set to take on a new role away from ITV as he joins talkTV from next year.

During Kate’s episode of Life Stories, she is also expected to talk about her husband and two children.

Kate’s husband Derek is currently recovering at home from long-Covid.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV while Life Stories airs Sunday on ITV at 8pm.

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