Holly Willoughby ‘dropped her drawers’ in shock This Morning blunder

Holy Willoughby is known for dropping accidental innuendos on This Morning, but her latest gaffe is almost too rude for TV.

The mum-of-three, 38, accidentally said she'd "dropped her drawers" while hosting the ITV chat show on Monday.

Her crude comment lead to her co-host Phillip Schofield, 57, accusing her of "having her knickers down again".

The pair were introducing what was coming up on yesterday's show when she had her little tongue tied moment.

She had meant to say that her "jaw dropped" when she realised she'd met dumped Love Island star Tom Walker before, as he was about to interview him.

Holly said: "Who I've met before! My drawers… my jaw dropped."

The mistake left Phil in stitches, joking: "Your drawers? Let's hope not. Your knickers are down again!"

Holly was in fits of giggles and struggled to carry on with the show after her gaffe.

Her comment comes after Phil asked Holly if he was "boring" her when she interrupted him last month.

The pair were talking about the Inch Loss Island segment when she started to speak over him, admitting she was "excited".

She added, apologising: "Sorry!"

"Am I boring you?" Phil laughed.

But Phil suffered a gaffe of his own when he was filmed falling off the stage while the duo hosted This Morning Live in Birmingham back in May.

Phillip said he fell as he waved goodbye to the live audience, and stopped looking where he was going.

He said: "This is what happens when you're waving goodbye to 2,000 people who've had an amazing time, you're concentrating on that and you don't realise there's a step behind you."

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