‘I wasn’t listening!’ Charlie Stayt caught ignoring co-star live on BBC Breakfast

BBC Breakfast: Charlie Stayt and Sally Nugent open show

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BBC Breakfast was hosted by Charlie Stayt and Sally Nugent on Wednesday morning. However, things went awry when BBC presenter Charlie was caught off guard by his co-star on the programme. He was forced to make a confession after Sally alarmed him live on-air.

“Now, Charlie Stayt!” Sally exclaimed, as Charlie looked up from his notes wide-eyed.

“That got you didn’t it?” Sally said, laughing at his stunned reaction. “What would you say is…”

Charlie interrupted his co-star confessing: “I wasn’t listening and now I am just like that because you used my surname. A bit alarming.”

Sally continued: “The perfect romantic gesture is what I want to know from you. Chocolates? Flowers perhaps?”

“No, it would be a rotating house, that’s what it would be. Oh look, here’s one!” Charlie joked.

He continued: “It’s Bosnia and a gentleman has built a rotating house for his wife.

“Apparently she was tired of seeing the same view from her window and he was so fed up of hearing her complain that he got to work.”

More to follow…

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