It's Official: Antoni Porowski and Jonathan Van Ness of Netflix's 'Queer Eye' Are Not Dating

We’re a little disappointed. After about a year of speculation, Jonathan Van Ness finally squashed the rumors that he and Antoni Porowski are dating — can you believe? Here’s what Jonathan Van Ness had to say about his co-star from Netflix’s Queer Eye.

Antoni Porowski and Jonathan Van Ness are experts on Netflix’s ‘Queer Eye’

Jonathan Van Ness and Antoni Porowski are more than just the grooming and food and wine experts on Netflix’s Queer Eye. Van Ness has his podcast, Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness. He speaks in live shows and is constantly improving his figuring skating and tumbling skills. Antoni Porowski is a restaurateur in New York City. He wrote his cookbook, entitled Antoni in the Kitchen, which premieres later this year.

Recently, the two are featured in interviews, promoting the recently released season of Queer Eye. Yet, the stars found time to make a joint Instagram account for themselves. Fans speculated that a romance began between the two Queer Eye stars.

“Earlier this summer I called [my friend] she immediately thought someone was dead because calls mean important things yet [she] just called me at work to ask if Antoni and Jonathan from Queer Eye were dating because she was driving and couldn’t look it up,” said one Twitter user.

“Dad called this morning. ‘What is this kerfluffle with Antoni, are you two dating?’ Love my dad,” Jonathan Van Ness tweeted.

The two are always holding hands

Of course, if you post pictures kissing someone on social media, people will think that you’re dating. That’s what happened between these two Queer Eye stars. Rumors first sparked when the friends posted an intimate picture earlier this year. Even off of social media, the two frequently hold hands and hug one another, specifically during interviews.

More rumors sparked after the duo created their couple Instagram account, entitled Jvntoni. There, fans can find pictures of the Fab Five members brushing their teeth, traveling, and cuddling. However, Jonathan Van Ness finally took to Twitter to discuss their relationship.

Jonathan Van Ness said he’s not dating Antoni Porowski

Just when we were getting our hopes up, Jonathan Van Ness spilled the tea on his love life. On July 31, 2019, Van Ness finally took to Twitter to squash speculations of him and Antoni Porowski dating.

“Also for clarification, [Antoni Porowski] I are a couple — of very close friends who run a satirical couple account and may fall in love someday, but that day is not necessarily today,” Van Ness tweeted.

“Babe, what?! Um, call me [right now,]” Antoni Porowski jokingly responded.

Additionally, the two addressed the dating rumors on Strahan and Sara. Host Keke Palmer mentioned that the two started an Instagram account as a couple. They hosts started laughing, and Porowski replied, “we have way too much free times on our hands sometimes, honestly.”

For more Antoni-Jonathan content, episodes of Queer Eye are available for streaming on Netflix.

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