ITV GMB: ‘Waste of time’ Richard Madeley in furious tirade as Nick Gibb dodges questions

Richard Madeley and Ranvir Singh presented Good Morning Britain earlier today as the show discussed students receiving their GCSE results across the country.

The duo welcomed Conservative MP Nick Gibb to ask him about his opinion on the new examining methods.

Conversation soon turned to Brexit as the hosts quizzed him on Boris Johnson’s upcoming talks with French president Emmanuel Macron.

However Nick avoided asking the presenters’ questions leaving Madeley fuming, which led to him ranting after the interview had taken place.

Madeley snapped at Gibb: “Please answer the question. Is he going to play France against Germany?”

However Gibb refused to answer once again and instead reiterated Britain will have to leave the EU on October 31.

Madeley then rephrased the question and asked: “Will the Prime Minister use what Merkel said yesterday in talks with Macron today to put pressure on him?”

While Gibb gave an answer, Madeley wasn’t impressed with his comments as he muttered: “Alright, never mind.”

Finally, Gibb conceded: “I don’t know, but I do know I’m more optimistic.”

As the interview was wrapped up, Singh remarked: “It is imaginative isn’t it about how many different ways you can find to ask the same question yet the answers have the same words in it?”

Madeley agreed: “Well he’s doing his job, I respect him for that but I am up to there with politicians who simply give you bored spectrum answers to specific questions.

“It’s like asking someone during a war situation ‘What is our strategy to win this particular theatre of war?’ and them saying ‘It’s very important we win the war.’

“Yeah we kind of know that. Can we just talk about this particular issue?”

Continuing with his rant, he remarked: “Again and again and again on this programme and other programmes, you get these generalised answers which then drift into statements of, sorry, the bleeding obvious.

“It’s obviously a question for a government minister about what Boris Johnson, the cards he’s now been given by Angela Merkel, how he will play them today. 

“Now we’re not asking for inside information but to give general answers to specific questions like that is just a waste of air time.”

Meanwhile Singh was slammed when she spoke to Conservative MP Robert Jenrick earlier in the week.

During a discussion on the housing crisis, many viewers thought she was shouting and interrupting the Secretary of State for Housing, Communites and Local Government.

One said: “Presenters asking questions then talking over guest who is trying to answer,” and another shared: “Bold interview strategy by Ranvir, just talking over people, not sure it will catch on.”

A third wrote: “If the guests would answer the questions the presenters wouldn’t need to interrupt them.”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays on ITV from 6am. 

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