I've got the perfect tagline for my Hawkstone beer – but they won't let me stick it on the bottle, moans Jeremy Clarkson

JEREMY Clarkson has got a hilarious boast for his new lager – apparently, it's better than Birmingham.

The Grand Tour star, 61, says his Hawkstone beer takes 30 days to make and it is already a top seller on Amazon.

In a hilarious new video discussing his prized booze, Clarkson says: "They say that God took six days to create the world.

"The thing is it takes 30 days to create my Hawkstone lager which means my larger is six times better than the world."

As a caption adds that he's botched his maths, he continues: "It's better than Birmingham, that's for sure."

Unfortunately for the rookie farmer, he explains in a second video that – once again – his slogan has been blocked.

Clarkson has teamed up with Cotswolds Brewing Co to provide the “witchcraft” of the beer-making process.

He initially wanted to have the slogan "If you’re an alcoholic, don’t fight it, feed it" but was told no by the Advertising Standards Authority.

The petrolhead told The Sun: "There’s so much you can’t say. For example, ‘This is a delicious breakfast beer’ – they won’t allow it. It’s very boring. Basically, all I’m allowed to say is, ‘This is lager’."

Currently, he's still not allowed to put his latest tagline on the beer bottle either.

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Clarkson, who proved a hit on his reality show Clarkson's Farm on Amazon Prime, achieved his childhood ambition of hosting a "p*** up in a brewery" to mark the launch of his new lager Hawkstone.

Scrambling atop his famous Lamborghini tractor, beer in hand, the 61-year-old proclaimed: “Have a drink, have a drive, see what you can find!"

Clarkson grew the barley for the blend on his Diddly Squat Farm in the Cotswolds – but credits his farm manager Kaleb Cooper, 21, with much of the beer's success.

He said: "He really was the one who put all the work into growing the barley – we did it together but he obviously knows what he's doing."

And while the beer is a hit, his partner Lisa Hogan, 49, is less impressed with Clarkson's abilities commanding the tractor while on the farm.

He says: “I’ve had so many accidents on the tractor. The other night I got into bed at 2am and Lisa asked if I’d had a good day and I said, ‘Yes, it’s been brilliant’.

"The next morning Lisa comes in and tells me it’s devastation outside. The gate posts were knocked over, bins everywhere, the barn door was smashed in.

“It’s like that bit in The Wolf Of Wall Street when he thinks he hasn’t had an accident.

"Now we’ve got our own beer, the opportunity for accidents has gone through the roof.”

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