Jenny's revenge leads to Kate's exit from Corrie

Kate Connor (Faye Brookes) is set to cross swords with Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews) ahead of her Coronation Street as the pair fight for Johnny’s (Richard Hawley) affections – and cash! In the wake of the death of Rana Habeeb, Kate has been struggling to piece her life back together but Jenny has been gradually growing frustrated with having her stepdaughter around.

She suggests that Kate gets a part time job to at least get her out of her hair for a bit but when she learns that Kate intends to go travelling with Imogen, she is delighted and Kate overhears her being excited to be rid of her. However, the smile is soon wiped off Jenny’s face when she realises that Johnny intends to put £3000 towards Kate’s travel plans.

Jenny has been making plans to convert the Rovers into ther B&B and Johnny has been worried about the growing costs that this could accumulate. Knowing that Kate could put a spanner in the works if Johnny funds her trip away, Jenny is deliberately difficult but Johnny puts his foot down and tells her not to make him choose as she will lose.

With Jenny simmering, she and Kate reach an uneasy understanding but as Kate prepared to leave on her new adventure, has she scuppered Jenny’s latest dreams?

And will they part on sour terms?

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