Jonathan Ashworth smugly mocks Boris Johnson for Covid Tory rebellion ahead of tier vote

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Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth reflected on the growing frustration by Tory MPs over Boris Johnson’s post-lockdown coronavirus tier system. MPs are expected to vote on the new tier system next week on Tuesday in the House of Commons. The frustrations from MPs have sparked concerns many Tory MPs will vote against the new system.

While on BBC Breakfast with Charlie Stayt, Mr Ashworth mocked Mr Johnson for this and said he the Prime Minister should not need the help of the Labour Party since he won such a large majority in the last election.

Mr Strayt said: “Do you have faith in the tier system and the way the Government has come by these decisions?”

Mr Ashworth said: “The prevalence of the virus is very high still.

“It has come down because of the national lockdown but it is still high but we understand why tough restrictions are needed and we understand a tiered approach is needed.

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“But you have got to appreciate the huge impact this is going to have.”

Mr Strayt interrupted to say: “We will talk about the impact but people have said they don’t know enough about the criteria of how these decisions are made.

“On that isolated respect, do you think the criteria, as you have been told, are you satisfied the Government’s criteria is right in coming to tier system they have.

The Labour MP answered: “No, I am not satisfied because we have a situation where a city like Leicester or parts of Greater Manchester or South Yorkshire have been under a version of lockdown for months.

“Nobody knows how to get out of those lockdowns.

“The Government have outlined a set of criteria, yesterday I suggested they should publish a scorecard for each area.

“This is so we can see how each area is doing against the criteria.”

While smiling, Mr Ashworth insisted the Labour Party would continue to push for more details but noted he did not believe the Tory Party should be relying on the Labour Party on passing the new tier restrictions through Parliament. 

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He continued: “Frankly, the Government has got an 80-seat majority.

“Boris Johnson won a general election 12 months ago with a huge majority.

“He shouldn’t really be struggling to get his legislation through the House of Commons.”

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