Keanu Reeves Did These Romance Movies Too, in Case You Forgot

People are used to seeing KeanuReeves in action films like John Wick and The Matrix, andevery so often he’ll do a suspense/thriller, but with all the swooning going onfor him right now, why not take stock of his love story accomplishments?

We get that not everyone is a fan of the actor’s skills onscreen. He’s known for having a super chill demeanor in movies and in real life. However, that doesn’t mean his résumé lacks romantic flair. So, Keanu Reeves fans, Keanu Reeves haters, and Keanu Reeves fence-riders, here’s a curated list of movies in the romance genre besides the hilarious Always Be My Maybe where you can see him as a love interest.

‘The Lake House’ (2006)

Reunited withSandra Bullock, Reeves starred in this sci-fi romance as an architect namedAlex living in the year 2004. He and Bullock’s character—who lives two years inthe future—communicate by sending letters to one another with the lake house’smailbox. If you doubt its premise, don’t, because as SYFYWire puts it, “They manage to interact beyond letterwriting as 90 minutes of scribbling would make for a dull viewing experience.” The two eventually fall in love and somehow defy all rulesof time travel to finally meet in person in Alex’s future. You want Alex towin.

‘Sweet November’ (2001)

This movie is a remake of the 1968 version and was largely dislikedby fans and critics, but if you just want to see Reeves and Charlize Theronfall in love, go for it. It’s an emotional ride that sees Reeves as NelsonMoss, a man who falls in love with Theron’s Sara Deever, a woman who promisesto change his life. They fall in love quickly in November, but the catch is Sarais keeping a secret: she has terminal cancer. The movie ends with Reevesweeping alone in a park.  

‘Destination Wedding’ (2018)

Reeves plays Frank and Winona Rider is Lindsay, and togetherthey are a couple of cynical, socially awkward strangers who meet on a plane, annoyeach other for part of the movie, and then couple up by the end. What do theyhave in common? They both despise Frank’s brother who also happens to be Lindsay’sex. It’s not warm and fuzzy Lake House Keanu, but he still manages to throwin some funny one-liners in this Amazon Prime flick.

‘A Walk in the Clouds’ (1995)

Early in his career, Reeves starred in this film as WorldWar II soldier Paul Sutton who pretends to be the husband of a pregnant womanwho has tension with her family. The catch? He’s already married to someoneelse. There’s passion and love in this one with Reeves as the lead.

‘Something’s Gotta Give’ (2003)

Remember this rom-com with Jack Nicholson? Reeves isn’t thelead actor here, but he plays a doctor named Julian Mercer who starts crushingon Nicholson’s love interest, played by Diane Keaton. As a foil to Nicholson’sHarry, he and Keaton’s character date and almost live happily ever after.According to Vulture,that’s how things should have been.

‘The Private Lives of Pippa Lee’ (2009)

Besides Reeves, this romantic dramedy features famous names likeRobin Wright, Julianne Moore, Blake Lively, and Winona Ryder. After livingroughly for the first few years of her life, Pippa (Robin Wright) marries a man30 years older than her and settles down. Things go left, and while her husbandis off having an affair with her BFF, she starts one with the much youngerChris, played by Reeves. Things change after Pippa’s husband dies, and thelovers ride off into the sunset.

‘Feeling Minnesota’ (1996)

This drama-thriller made Reeves the object of Cameron Diaz’saffection. A forbidden love between Reeves’s Jiaks and Diaz’s Freddie makes foran impossible situation as Freddie is married to her lover’s brother. It’s violentand sad, but it’s another movie from early in his career where Reeves wasonscreen with another star in the making.

‘Tune in Tomorrow’ (1990)

More of a comedy than a romantic movie, Tune in Tomorrowwas about a radio news reporter named Martin (Reeves) who falls for hisunrelated-by-blood aunt, played by Barbara Hershey. The scandalous affaircatches the ear of a new scriptwriter, who begins broadcasting his version ofthe “fictional” story on a radio program.

Not all of these films are lovey-dovey with a dose of mushiness,but a few are still tearjerkers. We already know he’s funny thanks to ToyStory 4, Bill & Ted, and the aforementioned Always Be MyMaybe, but if you’re in the mood to see Reeves flow in a sweeter direction,remember these movies.

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