Lady Leshurr inspired to join Dancing On Ice after tragic death of her sister

Dancing On Ice welcomes singing sensation Lady Leshurr to the competition this year, and the star had explained how important it was for her to take on a major new challenge after she recently lost her sister to breast cancer.

Speaking to ITV ahead of the launch this Sunday, Lady Leshurr was excited by the prospect of donning her blades and some sparkly costumes on the show.

But her reasons for taking part are much more poignant, as the star told ITV her state of mind has changed since the loss of her sister, and she’s determined to show viewers she can thrive with a challenge.

“I love a challenge. I absolutely love a challenge,” she began. “Where I’m at right now mentally is that I’ve been trying to push myself out of my comfort zone.

“Everyone sees me as this musician but I know I’ve got more to that. A personality that can’t just be expressed through my music. I like doing little things that just bring me out of my shell.”

“I recently lost my sister to breast cancer and that’s really made me think I need to push myself,” the star continued. “I need to challenge myself, to get my confidence back.

“Doing TV work feels like a breath of fresh air. I did MasterChef and I couldn’t cook but I went on it because I wanted to push myself and learn. I think everything is all about learning.

“I’ve always wanted to skate. Even though I’ve been petrified and could never do it with my mates.

“Now, I’m not even telling my mates I’m doing it,” the contestant laughed. “I’m just going to be like, ‘Turn the TV on,’ and they’ll be like, ‘What the hell?!’

“I love the thought of the benefits from this too. Afterwards I’ll be able to skate, one day I’m going to be teaching my kids and my little nieces and nephews to skate.

“That’s what I see in this show – learning and taking something from it.”

Asked what is her biggest fear in taking to the ice, Lady Leshurr was quick to respond.

“Falling over, someone skating over my fingers and cutting them off!” she declared.

“Originally that was my first fear from when I first tried to get on the ice when I was younger."

“That’s why I’ve always shied away from it because I’d always think the worst,” the star added.

Dancing on Ice airs Sunday at 6pm on ITV.

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