‘Law & Order’: Organized Crime: Who Plays Kathy, Elliot Stabler's Wife?

Law & Order: Organized Crime focuses on Elliot Stabler’s quest to capture the killer of his wife, Kathy. After decades of marriage, Elliot had the difficult task of burying the love of his life. The anger he feels about the incident drives him to hunt down the person responsible and put him in jail.  

Elliot’s former partner, Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay), is worried. She noticed a personality change, and she wants him to get help (so does his daughter). Who is the actor who played Kathy Stabler? Here’s what Showbiz Cheat Sheet knows.

Kathy Stabler on ‘Law and Order: Special Victims Unit’

Kathy was first introduced during Law & Order: SVU Season 1 Episode 1 (titled “Payback”). Kathy and Elliot were married when they were just 17 years old. The couple reminisced about their love story during season 12, episode 9 (titled “Gray”). Kathy says when they first met, she wanted to kiss Elliot, but she didn’t make a move because she was scared. Elliot admitted he had to drink three beers before he could work up the nerve to say hello.

Although Kathy and Elliot loved each other, their marriage wasn’t the smoothest. It was often difficult for Elliot to be open with his feelings and share some of the stress he experienced on the job.

Kathy was also uncomfortable with the fact that Elliot spent so much time away from home and worked with female partners. At one point, she filed for separation and took the kids with her. She later filed for divorce, but they reconciled. Kathy was killed in a car explosion during Law & Order: SVU Season 22 Episode 9 (titled “Return of the Prodigal Son”).  

Who plays Elliot Stabler’s wife, Kathy?

The actor who plays Kathy is Isabel Gillies. One of her early acting roles was in the 1990 film Metropolitan, in which she played the character Cynthia McLean. In 1992, Gillies appeared in the film Another Girl Another Planet.

Gillies was first part of the Law & Order franchise in 1998. She played the character Monica Johnson in an episode titled “Bad Girl” during season 8 episode 21.

Who plays Elliot Stabler on ‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’?

Who plays Elliot Stabler? The actor who plays Kathy’s husband is Chris Meloni. He made his first appearance in the Law & Order franchise when he began playing Elliot Stabler on Law & Order: SVU back in 1999. He reportedly left the show in 2011 due to failed contract negotiations.

Meloni made his television acting debut in a 1988 episode of the TV series The Equalizer. From 1989 to 1990, he played Vito Del Greco/Johnny Gunn in the series 1st and Ten.

Meloni got his first big break when he began playing Chris Keller on Oz. He remained in that role until the series ended in 2003. His other acting roles include appearances in Wet, Hot American Summer; Maxx; Underground; Harley Quinn; True Blood; Almost Friends; and The Fanelli Boys.

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