Little People's Tori Roloff slammed for 'poor' parenting decision for daughter Lilah, 2, amid toddler's medical issues | The Sun

TORI Roloff has been ripped by fans for yet another parenting decision regarding her toddler daughter Lilah.

The Little People Big World star previously revealed her little girl has a "lazy eye" and needs to wear glasses to "avoid surgery."

Now Tori, 31, has faced backlash after a series of photos surfaced of Lilah, two, without her eye-wear.

After one fan noticed that the reality star has neglected to dress her daughter with glasses on several occasions, they took to Reddit to compile photo evidence.


"Tori's story. Why in every photo or video of Lilah the poor kid isn't wearing her glasses," they wrote in the caption with a crying emoji.

Others raced to the comments section to slam the young mom for not adhering to the doctor's requests.

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"She said babies that wear glasses aren’t cute, that’s why!!!!!!!!" one reminded.

"Im not sure how it works for kids but shouldn’t she be wearing them to correct her vision? I am almost blind without glasses and imagining having to squint and strain my eyes to see sounds very painful. Is that what is happening with lilah or can she see fine without them?" a second asked.

"All I remember is Tori saying 'glasses for toddlers ain’t cute' or something stupid to that effect. Is she going to wait til she’s a teen to get her glasses that are cute enough or?" they added.

A third ranted: "It’s at the top of the list of things that bug me about tori and Zach. Glasses are so important I really don’t understand it."

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"At Lilah’s birthday party she was still noticeably cross-eyed," a final mentioned.


In November of 2020, Tori announced that Lilah would be getting glasses to help with her "lazy eye."

The mother of three took to Instagram to show off an adorable picture of the tiny tot rocking brand new square-framed glasses.

The sweet babe was wearing a headband with a flower, a long-sleeved sweater, and leggings while lounging by the fireplace.

Along with the picture, she wrote: "New glasses, who dis?" and she also tagged her husband, Zach Roloff.

Her cute snap came just one week after LPBW fans saw her flash the glasses for the first time.

Tori posted a series of photos of her then 11-month-old daughter smiling while wearing glasses. 

She began the post: “Sweet Lilah Bean…Girlsie got herself some new accessories!! Sweet girl has what’s called strabismus. Basically she’s crossed-eyed. 

“She’s had it since birth and we’ve always joked that she’s our crossed eyed beauty queen! Turns out… it’s a legit thing.

“Lilah’s vision is actually better than 20/20 (not sure how they can tell on an infant?!) but we’re trying glasses to hopefully fix her lazy eye and avoid surgery!!

“I’m not going to lie. There’s been a lot of mixed emotions (mostly from me, not her) but we put them on her for the first time today and she seems relatively unbothered by them.”

Tori, who is married to Matt and Amy’s son Zach, continued on to say that it was going to take her “a minute” to get used to her daughter “behind glasses.”

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She ended the post: “I’m warming up to the glasses as we speak! Really she does just keep getting cuter… love you sweet crossed-eyed beauty queen!”

The health update came as Tori was struggling with her daughter’s medical issues throughout Covid.

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