Love Island backlash as fans fume over abrupt cliffhanger

Love Island – Kady dodges Zach's kiss saying she wants to be '100%'

At the end of every episode, Love Island viewers are usually treated to a teaser of the next episode, but they were left fuming after it was missing for a second night in a row.

After Whitney Adebayo and Sammy Root cooked dinner for the rest of the couples, Whitney decided she wanted to see where Zachariah Noble stood with Kady McDermott.

However, as their conversation came to an abrupt end, viewers were left fuming that there was no teaser clip of tomorrow night’s episode.

Taking to Twitter to air their anger, user @luvinnjjk stated: “That was a sudden ending #LoveIsland.”

@lilslils003 commented: “C’mon guys no tomorrow night? THIS MEANS CASA #LoveIsland.”

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@oneceline_ penned: “Who tf has been editing these past few episodes???? The endings have been p*****g me off. #Loveisland.”

@oluwagbemisori added: “There’s like 7 mins left of the show, where’s the remaining footage?? #loveisland.” (sic)

@whosIeanne said: “They didn’t even give us a ‘tomorrow night’ #loveisland.”

@jrdontcare quipped: “Wait no tomorrow night preview???? just an abrupt ending??? well damn #LoveIsland.” (sic)

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After Mehdi Edno had been dumped from the Island, bombshell Whitney took the opportunity to form a connection with the other lads that she had dismissed in the beginning.

She took Montel McKenzie for a chat, who is coupled up with Leah Taylor, but he later told Leah that he only had eyes for her.

Later, flirting with Zachariah he admitted: “I feel like, you have been with Mehdi so…I am learning how to be loyal but I am ready for it. I am trying.

“I like this though. It’s good, I don’t know… I am just, the conversation. It’s super early days, this has been a good conversation, let’s have another conversation tomorrow.”

“This has been a good chat,” he added before she joked: “Nice to meet you Zachariah, I’m Whitney.”

Is Zachariah about to move on to his sixth girl in just three weeks?

How will Kady feel if she finds out that Zachariah is possibly thinking about jumping ships once again, despite letting her guard down and kissing him?

Love Island airs weeknights and Sunday from 9pm on ITV2.

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