Love Island fans certain Jake secretly fancies Kaz as they both face dumping

Love Island fans are convinced Jake Cornish could be hiding his true feelings for a rather unexpected Islander.

Though Jake confirmed his relationship status as boyfriend and girlfriend with Liberty Poole, he has yet to tell her he loves her.

Though Liberty has confessed her own love for her boyfriend on more than one occasion, fans have speculated all along that Jake could be 'playing a game' in order to scoop the £50,000 prize pot as one half of the winning couple.

And his actions towards Lib's best friend Kaz Kamwi have spoken volumes for some eagle-eyed fans, as they've spotted the two snuggling up together more than once.

It's led some to theorise that while Jake might not have true feelings for Liberty, he does seem to have them for Kaz.

But with Jake in the bottom three boys tonight, he could be facing elimination – along with Kaz.

When Kaz and Tyler were declared safe from one recoupling, Jake could be seen pressing a sweet kiss to Kaz's forehead as he offered her a cuddle.

Jake has admitted he "loves" Kaz – but hasn't yet felt ready to drop the L-bomb on his girlfriend.

"I love Kaz!" Liberty could be heard exclaiming last week, as Jake replied: "I love 'em, I think I love Kaz more…"

Liberty guessed: "Than Tyler?" as he hesitantly corrected her by saying: "Than you…"

"Okay, cool," Liberty responded as she tried to downplay the moment. But she quickly cottoned on to one element of Jake's speech, as she said: "Wait, did you just say you love me?"

Jake hurriedly insisted: "No, I'm saying I love Kaz more than you."

Jake and Kaz have even shared a snog during a challenge, with some fans certain they've spotted chemistry sizzling between them.

"I have a theory that Jake actually likes Kaz. He kissed her proper passionately in the challenge. He's always sitting next to her. He told Liberty he loves Kaz more than her…" one tweeted.

Someone else posted: "Have yous noticed that Jake always get extra close to Kaz sksksk."

And, when an image emerged of Liberty sitting on Jake's knee with Kaz close at his other side, his hand could be seen touching her upper thigh.

Liberty and Kaz both looked stunning in matching teeny pink dresses, while Jake sat sandwiched between the girls in a white polo shirt and grey shorts.

"This photo is making me scream! Jake deffo likes Kaz!" a third fan wailed as they reposted the snap.

Another viewer chimed in: "I think Jake and Kaz are closer than they show us!"

Others, however, are certain it's nothing more than a brother and sister bond, as one penned: "Nooo I love the brother and sister relationship between Kaz and Jake!"

"Nah, the way Jake treats Kaz like his little sister I have to stan!" someone else added.

But could there be more to their bond? Only time will tell.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVHub.

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