Love Island fans 'figure out' Zara and Olivia's fierce rivalry stems from shock event outside the villa | The Sun

LOVE Island fans are convinced that Zara and Olivia must have fallen out over a boy – outside the villa.

The women have come to blows on numerous occasions in just a couple of days but have failed to acknowledge they knew each other before doing the show.

As things kicked off once again last night, viewers were desperate to find out what really went on.

One person commented: “i think Zara stole Liv’s man on the outside iwl.. there is at least one person on the planet who knows the beef prior to the villa… reveal yourself.”

While a second said: “Liv and Zara know each other from outside the villa, both went out with an athlete?? they acc need to be real and tell us the actual beef cos this is so much deeper than fighting over…Tom 😂.”

And a third added: “Guys i need to know what happened between olivia and zara outside the villa like can the love island producers just let SOMETHING slip omg.”

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Last night tensions boiled over in the villa as they clashed over Tom Clare.

The conflict between 25-year-old model and property developer Zara and 27-year-old actress and ring girl Olivia began following a recoupling in Friday evening's episode.

Following Zara's decision to recouple with Olivia's former partner Tom – a 23-year-old semi-pro footballer – Olivia asked Tom if the pair could chat and admitted she felt "a bit disrespected" after discovering Tom and Zara had already shared a kiss.

After the conversation, an increasingly frustrated Zara confronted Olivia, asking to hear what she and Tom had discussed.

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"What was that?… I just wondered what the conversation was about, the context?" Zara asked Olivia.

To which Olivia responded: "It was private."

As tensions grew and Zara pressed Olivia for further information, Olivia asked: "Are you married to him?"

The argument reached its peak as Zara said to Olivia: "Why do you think I'm here? To p**s you off?

"I'm in here for myself. I'm here for myself.

"Do you think I've flown 11 hours from England to piss you off? Get over yourself Liv."

Despite the heated exchange, Olivia and Zara sat down the following day and appeared to reach a resolution.

While sat on the bean bags the girls reflected on the argument, with Olivia saying: "Last night things got a bit out of hand, again.

"But I just want to say, I'm really not here for drama. I just want to sweep it under the carpet."

She added: "Even though we've had our differences I still do think you're a great girl. Just agree to disagree."

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Zara appeared to accept Olivia's comments and replied: "I don't think either of us want this, it's not nice."

She went on: "From my side it's genuinely good too, I want us to have a good time in here."

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