Love Island stars’ salaries before villa from influencer Kaz to waitress Liberty

Love Island has nearly reached the end, and the cast members who went in to the famous villa as ordinary people will emerge as new celebrities and influencers.

The stars from the show will be inundated with brand deals and offers as soon as they get out and will be sure to be making money hand over fist.

However, as past history tells us, some of the Islanders will be returning to their day jobs and their regular wages.

OK! took a look to see who the big earners of the cast are, and who would be extra tempted by that £50k winner’s prize fund.

Kaz Kamwi

As a full time fashion influencer, Kaz was already rolling in the dough before she was on Love Island, earning a whopping £57,200.

She’s already worked with big brands like Primark and Boohoo and even had her own clothing range with SkinnyDip.

Her 71,000 Instagram followers before she entered the villa mean that she could have been earning an estimated £1000 per post.

Her numbers are sure to only rise now that she’s an Islander.

Liberty Poole

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When she’s not studying for her marketing degree at the University of Birmingham, Liberty worked as a waitress at Nando’s.

The blonde bombshell can expect to pick up £331 per week if doing full time hours, plus all the tips on top of that, to make a total of £18,000.

We wonder if she'll be getting an elusive Nando's black card after her villa stint?!

Millie Court

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It comes as no surprise given how trendy she always looks in the villa, that Millie is a Fashion Buyer Administrator at ASOS, earning around £26,000.

Opening up about her job in her entrance interview, she said: "I’ve been a buyer's assistant for three years. I love my job. It’s all involved with fashion. I studied fashion at university.”

She’s sure to be able to afford a lot more clothes after the show ends.

Faye Winter

Faye worked as a Lettings Manager before she entered the villa and “does valuations, wins business for the company and the odd viewing.”

She earned around £25,000 in the role.

Despite not earning as much as she could as influencer, Faye wants to go back to her job saying: “I’ve actually only taken a sabbatical from work because in my ideal world, I’d love to go back to work.”

Chloe Burrows

Outside of the villa Chloe worked as a Financial Services Marketing Executive and earned £36,700.

However, she may struggle to return according to Director at recruitment agency Monday at Nine Dan Boneham who said: ”Being in financial services, Chloe would struggle to return, however her skills could be utilised in a more daring/out there business or industry,"

Toby Aromolaran

Toby earned an estimated £18,000 for his previous job before coming to the villa.

The 22-year-old is a semi-professional footballer who plays for Hashtag United – a newly formed team set up in 2016 by football YouTuber Spencer Owen Carmichael-Brown and his brother.

He may not be earning a lot but he says playing with the team "really made me fall in love with the game again".

Tyler Cruickshank

Like Faye, Tyler worked as an estate agent in Croydon, much to the surprise of viewers

His wage was around £29,000, but he had plans to become a lawyer, where he would be earning much more.

But could Tyler follow down the same path of his lady love Kaz and enter into the world of influencing following his time in the villa?

Teddy Soares

Cool, calm and collected Teddy had a serious job before the villa, as a Senior Financial Consultant, earning £42,000.

However, like Chloe he may struggle to return to his old job according to Dan,

He said: "He would struggle to return to this job with the heavily regulated nature of financial services and the corporate image he’d need to maintain.”

Jake Cornish

Jake was a Water Engineer involved with the provision of clean water, disposal of waste water and sewage, and the prevention of flood damage.

He was estimated to be earning £38,000 for the important job.

When asked about his job, the islander from Weston-Super-Mare said that he is a “jack of all trades”, adding: “I’m basically a handyman.”

Liam Reardon

Before he was breaking hearts in the villa, Liam was a bricklayer and earned around £22,800.

But he had bigger dreams saying: “Part of me wants to be wealthy and successful, part of me wants to be living by the beach, run a bar, something on a smaller scale and be happy.”

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