Love Island viewers left fuming over boys reaction to Amber and Tashas kiss

Fans of Love Island have taken to social media to slam the reactions of some of the show's contestants, after a kiss between two girls sparked comments that were thought to be homophobic.

It comes after contestants Amber Beckford and Tasha Ghouri shared a kiss in last night's episode (June 6), the first of the 2022 series.

During one of the challenges, Amber picked a dare out of a box which stated she had to kiss the girl she fancied the most.

But some of the male contestants had something to say about the smooch, with one quipping, "you can't do that" as Amber gave Tasha a kiss.

It sparked uproar on Twitter, with users quick to point out that women were free to kiss other women and that it seemed additionally ignorant given that June is pride month.

One user raged: "'You can’t do that’ then absolute baffled faces when Amber kissed Tasha these are BOYS. children. And during pride month??? Sirs???"

A second retorted: "I SAW THOSE DIRTY LOOKS WHEN AMBER GAVE THAT KISS….. on pride month???" While a third added:: "The men looking PANICKED watching the girls kiss each other instead of them happy pride month!!!"

A fourth commented: "Why did the boys all pull that face at the kiss. Is it not pride month?" While a fifth quipped: "WHY DID THE GUYS LOOK SO SHOCKED WHEN AMBER AND TASH KISSED!??!?!? IT'S PRIDE MONTH FFS #loveisland".

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The first night of the dating show has proved scandalous, with a new format shakeup that has led to complaints from viewers.

In previous series, contestants were able to have some input into who they wanted to couple up with in the first episode.

However, this year, the viewers made the choice by voting which pairs they wanted to see together.

Amber Gill, the winner of the 2019 series has slammed the new format, commenting: "I would be fuming too if someone else chose for me. I did 3 interviews telling you my preferences and you let the BOZOS pick!!?"

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