Love Island’s Anton gives his number to sexy shop assistant behind Belle’s back

Love Island star Anton Danyluk has risked ruining his romance with Belle by giving his number to a girl he met at the supermarket.

The Scottish hunk is one of the boys chosen to hit the shops to pick up ingredients for the night's dinner.

Anton heads down to the supermarket with Tommy and Jourdan, but can't resist flirting with the beautiful brunette behind the till.

To make matters worse, he was seen saying to Tommy: "She's fit" before scrawling his phone number on a receipt and handing it to the shop assistant.

She laughed and said thank you as Anton flashed her a cheeky smile and walked away with the boys.

The preview of tonight's episode cuts to Anton giving Belle a big speech about loyalty over dinner.

He told her: "I like to treat my girlfriend like a princess."

Belle then asked: "So does that mean you're loyal?" and Anton replied: "Yes".

The camera then cuts to outraged Molly-Mae telling Anna what Anton did during the trip to the supermarket.

She was left aghast as Molly-Mae explained: "He gave his number to the shop assistant!"

Anna said: "I am f*****g shocked!"

Also in tonight's show, Maura Higgins whipped off her bikini top to get a topless massage from Curtis Pritchard in front of furious Francesca Allen.

The Irish stunner is seen lying on one of the day beds with her bikini top pulled down.

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