Love Island's Faye will torture Teddy even more as she ‘thinks she's supported' by the public, say furious fans

LOVE Island's Faye will torture Teddy even more as she "thinks she's supported" by the public, furious fans claim.

Viewers have complained to Ofcom after Faye's outburst over footage of her man in Casa Amor.

Last night saw the fiery estate agent saved by the public from being dumped from the villa.

However, the vote took place BEFORE her horrendous outburst, where she took down most of the boys.

Fans now think this will give Faye and her ego a boost and see her treat Teddy even worse.

One said on Twitter: "Faye now thinks she's supported by the public so she'll be even worse to poor Teddy! #loveisland"

Another tweeted: "Are WE going to reward Faye and vote her to the final , I think NOT!!! they both need counselling, this is all seriously unhealthy."

While this one said: "Poor teddy isnt going to know this vote was before Faye lost her mind and think no one cared about him."

In a sneak peek to tonight's episode Teddy is left reeling as Faye tells him he "hurt" her – and insists they're "done".

They claim she was "emotionally abusive" as she screamed at Teddy for an hour on Friday night.

But in a first look at the next episode, Faye says it's her who has been hurt by Teddy.

Following their explosive row, Faye and Teddy discuss their situation on the terrace.

Faye says: “I don’t trust people until they prove to me I can trust them.

"I’ve said that from day one and so far there’s a lot of reasons not to trust you.

"But you’re telling me to still trust you.”

Teddy asks: “So what am I supposed to do? Just let you go?In your eyes, I’ve made a mistake, I get it. But to just be like ‘I’m done’, is what I’m struggling with.I can’t swallow the pill, it doesn’t make sense to me.”

Faye replied: “I’d rather be done, than hurt.”

Teddy asks: “So you think I’m genuinely going to hurt you?”

Faye insisted: “Teddy, you already have.”

Teddy then directly asks her: “What do you want?" – appearing to suggest he wants her back.


The lettings manager sparked fight night in the villa with her furious rage directed at all of the lads.

Yet it was her aggressiveness towards now-ex Teddy, which saw her brand the Manchester lad a "two faced p***k" which caused concern.

Senior financial consultant Teddy broke down in tears after the bust-up with the feisty estate agent, with his emotional turmoil leaving fans begging for bosses to step in.

Meanwhile, his loved ones watching at home have called for Faye's removal from the Mallorca villa.

Teddy's cousin Tania Monteiro, 36, who lives in Portugal, frankly told the Sunday People: "I don't have words for what she has done."

She added: "Yesterday I said, you are not a girl I was thinking would be good for my cousin because he needs a girl with a little bit of attitude, but not a bad attitude, a passive woman, not an aggressive woman."

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