Love Island’s Jordan finally admits he was wrong to crack on with India while still with Anna on Aftersun – The Sun

LOVE Island’s Jordan Hames has finally admitted he was wrong to crack on with India behind his now ex-girlfriend Anna Vakili’s back.

The model declared “I want to hold my hands up” when he appeared on Aftersun alongside Anna last night.

They had an explosive break-up in the villa after Jordan flirted with page 3 model India Reynolds – two days after asking Anna to be his girlfriend.

“It was difficult for me, but all I wanted to do was be honest to how I was feeling,” Jordan said.

“I didn’t go about it in the right way.

“Looking back I should have gone to Anna first and spoke to her about it. But I want to hold my hands up for that.”

When asked by host Caroline Flack whether he decided to move on after he and Anna came in the bottom three of the public vote, Jordan said: “Not at all.”

“I feel like every decision I’ve made in there was based on how I was feeling,” Jordan said.

“My head didn’t turn in Casa Amor because since I walked into the villa I was 100% committed to Anna.

“I feel like in there it is such an intense environment and sometimes emotions are heightened.

“It’s not like in the outside world, so I feel like when I did ask her to be my girlfriend, it was 100% how I was feeling because there were a lot of things I did like about Anna.”

Jordan revealed his head was turned by stunning India because they “bounced off each other”.

“When India came in, we did get on really well and we did bounce off each other,” he said.

“Something just clicked and it confused me. It wasn’t a nice feeling.

“That’s why I was quite distant with Anna for a couple of days.

“In the real world you would take a couple of days to process your feelings.

“But in there because it’s so intense you don’t actually have time to do that.”

Despite their explosive falling out, Jordan said he would like to be friends with Anna in the future.

Last week, furious Anna was filmed storming across the villa to confront Jordan for "cheating" on her by chatting to India.

"You like her?!" she fumes.

"I'm having a conversation with her," Jordan explains.

"I never said that I like her," he reasons.

"That's what Maura's just told me," Anna says.

"You just asked me out and you like her?! Is that how much of a f***ing idiot you are?"

Maura Higgins sparked the huge row when she told Anna that Jordan's head had been turned and he fancies India.

The shock U-turn came just two days after Jordan planned an elaborate journey around the villa to ask Anna to be his girlfriend.

The villa erupting in a devastating row after Maura discovered Jordan had confessed his regrets at being coupled up with Anna, due to his growing feelings for India.


While Curtis tries to explain, Maura gets up and pulls Anna for a chat.

"He’s cracking on with India. He likes India," she tells her friend.

"How do you know?" Anna demands.

Maura replies: "Curtis told me. He’s pulled her for a chat right now."

Anna then confronted Jordan over his actions, leading to an explosive break-up.

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