Love Island’s Malin Andersson shows off incredible weight loss while posing in her underwear | The Sun

LOVE Island’s Malin Andersson showed off her incredible weight loss while posing in her underwear.

Malin, 30, flaunted her slim physique as she posted a racy pic for her Instagram followers.

She looked incredible in a white bra, which she'd teamed up with green bottoms for a mirror video.

Malin is all about promoting body positivity and recently lost a stone.

In her caption, she told fans how her 19-month-old daughter Xaya "giggles" at her own reflection in the mirror – and that we can all take a leaf from her book.


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"Something I’ve been wondering about a lot recently when I stare at Xaya and she looks in the mirror she giggles and laughs – so why is it when we’re older we pick out all our ‘flaws’ or speak to ourselves so negatively?

"Imagine if the world portrayed a positive view on body image growing up – and all we saw were beautiful diverse images of women in magazines and in the media?

"And diet culture wasn’t a thing, and ad’s and consumerism and all the negative conditioning around dieting didn’t appear on our screens? We wouldn’t think there’s a problem with how we look.. we would understand that WE are perfect as we are.

"But that’s not the case sadly.. and so what we have to do is REWIRE and UNDO what people, places, media, family, ex partners whoever – have sad about us and have made us feel bad about ourselves.

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"We have to take it upon us to heal from what makes us view ourself so negatively and set OURSELVES free.

"Only we can do it. We don’t need anyone’s validation. We don’t need to impress anyone.

"We need to find our inner-child and to hug her tight. Tell her she is beautiful, but most importantly tell her she’s already saved herself. Her higher-self is watching.. and it’s happened."

Malin also encouraged her supporters to "correct" their attitude towards themselves and "heal" their souls.

She concluded, "We are already complete. We don’t need fixing… we just need reminding.

"Keep reminding yourself that you are one heck of a beautiful soul. Cos you’re gonna start to believe it I promise."

Malin – who now works as a life coach – shot to fame in 2015 on Love Island and lasted 24 days in the villa.

The beauty had a brief romance with Terry Walsh but he quickly moved on with Emma Woodhams.

She gave birth to her first child with boyfriend Tom Kemp seven weeks early in January 2019.

Weeks later she shared her heartbreak after the death of her daughter Consy.

She was named in tribute to Malin's late mother, who had died in November 2017.

In 2020 Kemp was jailed for ten months after she accused him of physical and mental abuse in shocking Instagram posts.

Malin posted harrowing photos showing off gruesome bruises on her body after the abuse but did not name Kemp.

She revealed how the abuse began with “love bombing”, where the victim is showered with gifts and compliments.

But she told how the relationship soured when the thug began to mentally abuse her by fixating on her insecurities – calling her "ugly", "fat" and "worthless".

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