'Lucifer' Series Finale Has a Callback to Tom Ellis' Favorite Episode

It’s got some real heart and soul


(Warning: This post contains major spoilers for the series finale of “Lucifer.”)

The final episode of “Lucifer” featured many an emotional moment and several callbacks to earlier episodes of the former-Fox, now-Netflix drama series. But one in particular was very special to star Tom Ellis, as it was a reference to his all-time favorite episode of the show, which stars him as the Devil himself, Lucifer Morningstar, and Lauren German as his partner in crime, LAPD Detective Chloe Decker.

“God, there’s so many. But there’s an episode in Season 1 one called ‘A Priest Walks Into a Bar,’ where Colman Domingo guested [as Father Frank Lawrence],” Ellis told TheWrap, when we asked him to pick his favorite episode of “Lucifer.” “And, for me, that was I think the first time that I thought, ‘Gosh, this show can be a lot more than what we think it can be.’ And so for that reason that, that one.”

So, as fans who have now worked their way through the sixth and final season of “Lucifer” now know, the series finale, titled “Partners ‘Til the End,” features Lucifer and Chloe having to say goodbye for the rest of her mortal life, as he goes down to Hell to rehabilitate the damned and help them rise up to Heaven at the request of their daughter, Rory (Brianna Hildebrand), who first came back from the future to kill him for abandoning her, until they all discovered the exact reason Lucifer left her and Chloe is because Rory came back to ask him to in order to go back down to Hell to rehabilitate the damned… you get it (Maybe).

But before Lucifer goes, he and Chloe spend an emotional final few moments alone together seated at his piano, with her in his lap, and begin to play “Heart and Soul” together.

This is a reference to the first time Chloe and Lucifer ever played the piano together, when she came up to his apartment in Episode 9 of Season 1, “A Priest Walks Into a Bar,” to comfort him after the death of Father Frank Lawrence (Domingo.)

Yeah, if that scene didn’t make you cry before, maybe it will now that you know how special it was to Ellis.

Readers can find TheWrap’s interview with Ellis and German about the series finale of “Lucifer” here.

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