MAFS Australia turns tense as Samantha and Coco furiously clash in first episode

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Married At First Sight Australia turned heated from the offset as Coco Stedman and Samantha Harvey came head-to-head on the first episode.

The pair had just been introduced to all of the brides of the series with everyone discussing their lives and past romances.

Samantha told the group she'd hoped to be paired-up with an older man, explaining that her ex-husband had been "15 years older" when they met.

Sceptical Coco quizzed her on the age gap, asking: "How old were you when you got married?"

The blonde explained: "I was 17 and he was 33."

Laughing, Coco remarked: "17 and 33 I'm going to need to court to get a check on that."

Later, Samantha consulted with other members of the clan, outlining that she wasn't a fan of Coco's after her comment.

Now worried, she warned Victoria that she believed Coco would "try to steal our husbands".

The pair now felt uneasy around Coco and decided that they would confront her on the situation.

Returning to the group, they sought out an opportune moment to air their grievances.

Victoria explained that she had been "worried" about the programme and what would happen in the future after meeting everyone.

Coco replied: "Don't worry, you're in safe hands."

Samantha swooped in to call her out on her "bulls***", adding: "That isn't true though is it Coco," before bringing up the conversation from earlier on.

The blonde hit out, telling Coco that she'd annoyed her with the comments about her "children's father".

Which was met with an apology.

Responding to Samantha's comments, Coco said: "Well then I apologise, I didn't realise I'd upset you.

On Monday's show, fans were also introduced to Melissa Rawson, 31, who had "never been on a date before" and instead was about to walk down the aisle with Bryce Ruthven.

After the bombshell landed, fans on Twitter went wild, with one person adding: "What! 31 and NEVER been on a date !!#MarriedatfirstsightAustralia #MAFSAustralia #MarriedAtFirstSightAus."

Another remarked: "Has Melissa been living in a cave? #MarriedAtFirstSightAus"

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