MAFS Marilyses Kate Middleton lookalike sister denies honeymoon budget claims

Married At First Sight UK has been sending many of the newlyweds on dream honeymoons to exotic locations like Mexico and the Maldives, but Franky and Marilyse were sent to the Lake District.

Viewers were fuming on the couple's behalf, saying how unfair it was.

A few fans joked that the producers had "blown the budget" on the other fancy holidays and couldn't afford anything else for stunning Marilyse and James Bond lookalike Franky.

One wrote jokingly: "This couple being sent to the Lake District when everyone else gets to go to Maldives, Mexico, Antigua and skiing? I would sue."

"Lake District when the girls are in the Maldives, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Switzerland… nah I’d have to fight the producers," said another.

"They obviously ran out of budget by the time it got to booking Franky and Marilyse's honeymoon… to the Lake District," thought one fan.

Now Marilyse's sister Sheralyn has denied it's because of budget cutbacks, and tweeted a fan with the real reason behind the unlikely honeymoon destination.

She insisted: "No it’s nothing to do with budget, it’s coz she has two kids and three dogs so she didn’t want to go far from home," with an emoji of a house.

Sheralyn also joked about the fact many viewers said she looked like the Duchess Of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

When footage was aired of Sheralyn waiting for the wedding to start, viewers rushed to tweet about the likeness.

One wrote: "Did I just see Kate Middleton as one of the bridesmaids?"

"Franky and Marilyse had Kate Middleton at their wedding wow. She should so do lookalike work…. if she doesn’t already!" said another.

"Marylise looks beautiful… her sister gives me Kate Middleton vibes too," wrote one fan.

"Anyone else notice the Duchess of Cambridge lookalike as a bridesmaid at the Franky and Mari wedding?" tweeted one fan, and Sheralyn saw it.

"I get that a lot," she joked.

Fans will get to see the first sit-down dinner for all of the couples on Wednesday, as they all move into their new homes together after the honeymoons.

Marilyse had previously been questioning whether Franky would move back to England to be with her and her two children, as he has spent the last 16 years living in Dubai.

Married at First Sight continues Mondays to Thursdays at 9pm on E4

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