Michael Angelis life – sudden death, Corrie star ex-wife and childrens TV fame

It has been two years since actor Michael Angelis died suddenly from a heart attack at the age of 76 years old.

His death came as a huge shock to fans and stars from the world of entertainment, with outpourings of tributes in the wake of the news.

Before his tragic death, the star led a very interesting life, with links to huge soaps including Emmerdale and Hollywood stars such as Julie Walters – as well as his marriage to a famous Coronation Street icon.

He was also beloved by generations of fans for his role in an iconic Children's TV series, with many hailing the actor on social media as the 'definitive voice' of the programme.

On the two year anniversary of Michael Angelis' death (May 30, 2020), Daily Star takes a look back on the actor's life and career.

Julie Walters and Emmerdale links

Michael Angelis starred in one of the eighties most famous TV series, Boys From The Blackstuff, which was broadcast in 1982 and based on the 1980 play The Blackstuff.

The Alan Bleasdale drama focused on five Liverpudlian tarmac workers, and the experiences of each character as unemployment rates rose to over three million in the country – with Michael playing Chrissie Todd.

The critically acclaimed programme also starred Harry Potter actress Julie Walters as his wife, with their final scenes in the series showing a tense argument between the two as Chrissie spoke about the impact of losing his job, saying: "Angie, this is our life – and I wish I was dead…

"I had a job, Angie. It wasn’t a bad job and I was good at it. I laid the roads – motorways, lay-bys, country lanes. But I lost that job."

Speaking about the drama, Michael had described the series to the BBC as "possibly the finest thing I've ever done."

Prior to working with Julie Walters on Boys From The Blackstuff, Michael also had a leading role in Bread writer Carla Lane's sitcom The Liver Birds – playing the brother of Emmerdale star Elizabeth Estensen's character Carol.

That's not all, as he also had another soap link after appearing in an episode of Coronation Street in 1972 as Franny Slater.

Throughout his career he also starred in Minder with the late Dennis Waterman, TV series September Song, Playing The Field, Auf Weidersehen, Pet and Casualty.

Children's TV fame

Despite roles in some of the UK's biggest dramas and soaps, Michael Angelis was known to younger generations of viewers as the narrator for Thomas The Tank Engine.

The actor narrated the popular children's TV series from 1992-2012, after taking over from The Beatles' Ringo Starr, who had been the voice of the programme since 1984.

Michael Angelis became the longest-running narrator of the animated production, opening with a story about train engines Percy and Henry arguing over scarves.

He continued to narrate the programme until Mark Moraghan took over in 2013, but his legacy continues to live in the minds of generations of children who were entertained by the tales growing up.

Corrie star ex-wife and affair

Along with his own acting links to soaps including Emmerdale, Michael was also previously married to a Coronation Street icon.

For over 10 years between 1991 to 2001, he was married to Gail Platt actress Helen Worth.

However, Helen was heartbroken when she discovered that Michael had an affair, telling The Mirror: "Nothing can ever prepare you for the day your husband sits you down and tells you he is having an affair.

"My marriage was everything to me. It was the foundation on which everything else was built. I had been with Michael for nearly half of my life. I never imagined that we wouldn’t grow old together."

She later married music teacher Trevor Dawson in 2013, while Michael later married Jennifer Khalastchi in 2001.

Sudden death

Fans and stars from the world of entertainment paid tribute to Michael Angelis, after the actor died suddenly from a heart attack on May 30, 2020.

The 76 year old actor was reported to have suffered the heart attack while at home with his wife, with the news of his death leaving audiences in shock and sadness as they shared their memories of the star.

Writer Jack Thorne called him "the heart of Boys From The Blackstuff" in a tweet, while comedian Matt Lucas also added: "Michael Angelis was one of the greatest TV actors I’ve ever seen. His work with Alan Bleasdale was tremendous. What a loss."

Fans also shared their memories of the star on social media, with one saying: "Yosser Hughes is the one everyone remembers from Boys from the Blackstuff, but Chrissie is the one who broke your heart in half."

Others remembered him fondly for his work on Thomas The Tank Engine, with a second saying: "Ringo Starr may have started it, but Michael Angelis was the show. There's a reason he was the narrator for over 20 years. He was just that good."

A third commented: "To me and many others, he was the definitive voice of this cheeky little engine, his tone calm and gentle but exciting and thrilling as well!"

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