Never Have I Ever season 3: Ben to win back Devi as star speaks out on finale twist?

Never Have I Ever season two trailer from Netflix

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Never Have I Ever is Netflix’s coming of age series that followed the life of Devi Vishwakumar (played by Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) as she navigated through her teenage years, trying to balance school, relationships and grieve the death of her father. After experiencing a surprising twist to the season finale, her on and off again love interest, Ben Gross, who is portrayed by Jaren Lewison, hinted towards finally winning her over in the potential season three

In season one, Ben (Jaren Lewison) was introduced as Devi’s high-school nemesis, as the two would compete against each other over who was smarter.

Despite many spats that resulted in them regularly being sent to the principal’s office, the two eventually got closer at the Model UN convention.

Meanwhile, Devi had a major crush on the school’s most popular student Paxton Hall-Yoshida.

She was so deeply in love that she offered him a hook-up with no strings attached, which epically failed on multiple occasions but she still went ahead and lied, telling people that they had sex.

Eventually, the wrong person overheard the conversation and rumours spread around the school about Devi and Paxton.

At his house party, Ben’s true feelings about Devi were unveiled as he tried to kiss her on multiple occasions during a tour of his house.

She assumed that he was just drunk and didn’t mean to try and kiss her, which couldn’t have been further from the truth.

Towards the end of the party, Devi got into an argument with her friend Fabiola Torres (Lee Rodriguez) and subsequently fell into the pool.

Paxton saw this and offered her a ride home, which also ensured she would arrive before her curfew. However, in a major turn of events he kissed her outside her house.

The love triangle Devi was involved in became even more complicated in season two, as the date of their school’s Winter formal was looming.

In an attempt to keep things straightforward, she had decided to attend with her friend Eleanor Wong (Ramona Young), whereas Ben was accompanied by his girlfriend Aneesa Qureshi (Megan Suri).

However, things took a turn for the worse when Paxton showed up and danced with Devi, where he confessed that he liked her and kissed her in front of Ben, who watched sourly.

This surprising twist in the season finale had fans wondering if Devi and Ben would ever stand a real chance at a high-school relationship.

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Speaking to TV Line, actor Jaren Lewison opened up about the state of Ben and Devi’s relationship: “I think that Ben’s always going to have a soft spot for Devi, and Devi’s always going to have a soft spot for Ben.

“I don’t even think that he necessarily ruled out the possibility of another romantic relationship a little bit later down the line, their connection is so strong, it’s so obvious that they have this magnetism towards each other no matter what happens,” he added.

Devi and Ben’s connection was even portrayed on screen when he drove her to the beach where her father’s ashes were being spread and he even stayed and waited for her.

“They always seem to find their way back to each other and then Devi kind of always being there, as well, to pick Ben back up, even sometimes when she’s the cause of some of his pain,” he explained.

Teasing what this could mean for their relationship in season 3, he revealed: “If we do have that season 3, I have no idea how he’s going to deal with that inner conflict at the end.

“Those emotions obviously have been slightly subconscious for him, and then, were thrust to the surface, and he’s going to have to figure out how to deal with them,” the actor explained.

In the season finale, Ben learned that Devi had always liked him but it was her friends who convinced her to pursue Paxton instead.

Fans will have to wait until Netflix confirms season three to find out if the two will finally end up together.

All episodes of Never Have I Ever are available to stream on Netflix

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