Queen of the South: Fans expose major errors with Teresas fate Doesnt make sense

Queen of the South: USA Network teases season finale

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The popular USA Network series came to an explosive end in June and fans finally found out the fate of drug lord Teresa Mendoza (played by Alice Braga). Now the dust has settled on Queen of the South’s momentous finale, viewers have started debating whether Teresa and James’ (Peter Gadiot) plan actually made sense.

Teresa Mendoza’s faked death at the end of Queen of the South season five has come under scrutiny from some of the show’s more critical fans.

In the final season, Teresa’s partner James hatches a plan to get out from under Devon Finch (Jamie Hector) and escape their life of crime.

Meanwhile, trusted sicario Pote (Hemky Madera) is on the run after taking out rival gang boss Boaz (Joseph T Campos).

Thankfully, the violent prologue that kicked off the first season back in 2014 was a clever misdirect, and Teresa’s assassination was revealed to be an elaborate hoax.

However, viewers still aren’t certain just how elaborate James’ plan was.

One baffled fan recently took to Reddit when they realised the specifics of Teresa’s staged murder weren’t actually explained in the packed final episode.

User PuzzleheadedLeg6769 said: “There’s something I really don’t get about the finale, nor can find any info or explanation online.

“How the f**k is Teresa alive? How did she fake her death if we clearly saw her being shot?”

Before Teresa is finally revealed unharmed in the closing minutes of ‘El Final’, the episode seems to make it clear that she has actually been shot and killed.

At the start of the finale, James appears to shoot Teresa with a sniper rifle, whereupon she falls onto the ground with blood falling from her mouth.

She is then pronounced dead by authorities, and the exploding box of cocaine is the only clue that something might be amiss about her murder.

This fan admitted they were confused whether James had used a body double to fabricate Teresa’s death.

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They went on: “For now it seems like they just showed her getting killed.

“Then in the end said that she faked her death without any explanation as to how it’s possible after what we’ve seen. It doesn’t make any sense.”

One commenter noted that the authorities who confirmed her death were paid off, but that still doesn’t explain how they convinced everyone else that Teresa was actually dead.

To make matters worse, another user even noted showrunner Dailyn Rodriguez contradicting the events of the episode when fans pressed her on social media.

She said: “Teresa cracked an old fashion fake blood pill that was in her mouth and there was a fake blood pouch in her stomach.

“Little bit of Hollywood magic. The bullet that goes through the window is a blank.”

However, James’ shot clearly wasn’t a blank as it was shown destroying a box of cocaine in Teresa’s room.

Regardless of the finer details, fans were glad to see Teresa and James get their happy ending, even if the finale left a lot to be desired.

Queen of the South seasons 1-4 are available to stream on Netflix. Season 5 is available on the USA Network in the US.

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