RHONJ: Jackie Goldschneider Says She's 'Really Proud' of How She Handled Cheating Rumors

Jackie Goldschneider is speaking out about her experience with Teresa Giudice spreading a rumor that Jackie's husband, Evan, had been cheating on her.

On Wednesday's season 11 premiere of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa, 48, asked the other cast members — Melissa Gorga, Dolores Catania, Margaret Josephs and Jennifer Aydin — whether they had heard that Evan "screws around" with other women when he goes to the gym, during his birthday party.

The rumors then led Teresa and Jackie, 44, into a heated argument that led Teresa to walk out of Margaret's house where the tense conversation took place. But, speaking with PeopleTV 's Reality Check now, Jackie says everything between her and her husband is okay.

"There is not even a thought in my head, not even for a second, did I worry about whether or not this was true. It was nonsense," she says. "However, we did end up having some issues because I'm a cast member on this show; he is not. So to have his life suddenly be the center and have his reputation [involved was an issue]."

"And he is the best guy, really, so to have his reputation and everything he worked for on the line because of what one woman said in such a public forum about him made me feel so badly. And then there was the issue [of], 'Is this the group of friends for me?' " Jackie adds.

And the Bravo star is "really proud of the way [they] handled" the situation, telling Reality Check, "You'll see us work through all of that, and the way that we come out the other side. I think that we handle it with such grace and such integrity, and we never go low."

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In a later interview with Page Six, Jackie said she and Evan actually watched the premiere episode together, insisting that "it ended up being fine" to do so.

She also addressed the analogy she used during her blowout argument with Teresa, in which she compared her husband's cheating rumors to her saying Teresa's 20-year-old daughter Gia "snorts coke in the bathroom at parties."

Explaining that she used the comparison in an attempt to show Teresa how it feels, Jackie told the outlet, "It's unfortunate that she didn't understand my analogy."

"Clearly, I'm not trying to say anything about anyone's children, but just the fact that there was such an explosive response to an analogy that used your child's name," she added. "[It was like], 'Do you understand, now, how I feel?' "

After Jackie found out about the rumor Teresa had spread to the other Housewives during the season 11 premiere, she told Teresa: "This weekend, you took [Evan's] name and what's most important to him in the world — being a great husband and father — and you s— all over it. And you did it to all of our friends at his birthday party."

"I don't know if you made it up, or if someone really told you, but you need to admit that whoever told you this doesn't know me and Evan, gave you no evidence of anything," Jackie continued. "Like, you have to admit this was a lie. You have to do the right thing."

The argument began to heat up as Jackie tried to get Teresa to say the rumor was false. "I need you to admit, whoever told you this had no evidence and was just saying words that you took and ran with," she said.

"I never asked for evidence," Teresa replied. "I'm just letting you know somebody put this out there." 

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"I need you to admit that this is a lie!" Jackie then screamed. "Clear my husband's name. I need you to admit you were spreading a baseless rumor with absolutely no evidence."

In her conversation with Reality Check, Jackie says, "I wish that husbands and children were off-limits, like a lot of people like to preach. But unfortunately, Teresa went there. And for some reason that I think has nothing to do with my husband, decided to spread a baseless rumor, and I think it's more her issues with me."

"There were a lot of repercussions from that — there was a lot of tension, there was a lot of fighting, there was a lot of drama," she adds. "I'm not exactly sure what her reasoning was, but it was malicious, and you'll see what happens in the aftermath."

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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