Roy Keane leaves ITV viewers gobsmacked with World Cup look

Argentina fans celebrate Lionel Messi goal in World Cup final

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Tonight, Argentina face France in the final of the Fifa World Cup after weeks of tense competition. Footballing legends Roy Keane, Ian Wright and Gary Neville were all in the studio to commentate on the game, however, viewers were left stunned at Roy’s appearance.

SportBible posted an image of Roy on their official Twitter page, highlighting his smart appearance.

Captioning the image, they said: “Roy Keane’s look for the World Cup final is INCREDIBLE.”

Fans were stunned by his looks, and commented underneath the picture, with Tony Horne teasing: “He is on standby for Bernard Cribbins in The Railway Children.”

@DougieeBhoy said: “Why is Roy Keane looking more and more Italian each day.”

Paul Harrison asked: “Surely he’s lost a bet?”

@Truten_coop exclaimed: “Young Colonel Sanders.”

Lin Warned admitted: “Much prefer him with his full beard.”

Whilst Josh Haskey claimed: “Extravagant choice of facial hair from Roy Keane here. Fitting for a World Cup final.”

Before the game kicked off, Roy claimed the World Cup had been “stained” by human rights issues.

He said: “This World Cup is stained, that’s the bottom line. The football’s been great, but the football was always gonna be great because you’ve got world-class players, but it is stained.”

Throughout the tournament, the former Manchester United and Ireland captain has been critical of the decision to host the World Cup in Qatar.

After Argentina lost to Saudi Arabia, he explained: “The World Cup shouldn’t be here. It shouldn’t be here.

“[There’s] the corruption regarding [global football governing body] Fifa, [and] you’ve got a country, the way they treat migrant workers, gay people.

“The bottom line is we are talking about common decency, how you treat people. Football, the greatest sport in the world, there is so much money involved; there will be corruption.

“But let’s get back to basics, you have to treat people with decency. It should start and finish with that.”

Tonight, all eyes are on Argentina’s Lionel Messi and France’s Kylian Mbappe as the two countries battle it out for victory.

Throughout the tournament, Argentina have scored 12 goals, while France have tallied 13, so to call the winner is a tough one.

Messi continued to show his talent and high level of accuracy, scoring five goals for the country, along with three assists.

Mbappe has been in a similar situation as Messi, also scoring five goals, and assisting two, with him set to cause an issue for Argentina’s backline.

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