Samantha Bee Skewers ‘Disturbing’ Trump Demands for Border Wall

Impeachment proceedings for President Donald Trump could be “on the horizon,” Samantha Bee said on Full Frontal Wednesday night. But just because the Democrats are optimistic doesn’t mean there’s cause for them to celebrate. Rather than focusing on the impeachment proceedings themselves, Bee emphasized the absurdity of Trump not being impeached yet, even after some of the “disturbing” and sometimes illegal demands he has made as president.

Bee highlighted a New York Times report this week that revealed Trump’s private demands to aides for his oft-discussed border wall between the United States and Mexico, including “a water-filled trench, stocked with snakes or alligators” and “spikes on top that could pierce human flesh.”

After staff informed him that his public remarks about shooting migrants if they threw rocks at the wall was illegal, he backed off from his proposal, but later allegedly suggested at a meeting “that they shoot migrants in the legs to slow them down.” Trump has since denied considering a border moat.

“I’m not sure what is more disturbing: how elaborate the president’s fantasies of murdering immigrants are, or that he got the idea from Melania’s new bedroom design,” Bee quipped.

Bee also skewered Republicans for trying to distract from the latest Trump news by promoting online conspiracy theories, including claims that Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, was making illegal overseas deals in Ukraine, as well as claims that the Democratic National Committee colluded with Ukraine to hack their own election results in 2016 and frame Russia.

She opines that not even William Barr, Trump’s Attorney General — who was praised as the “adult in the room” by commentators when he was nominated for the position 10 months ago — appears to be doing much to qualm Trump’s demands or the conspiracy peddling of his advisors.

“It turns out Barr is the adult in the room,” said Bee. “He’s the sleazy uncle who buys you beer and lets you and your friends party at his place as long as he can stay and watch.”

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