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FIVE years after her last appearance in Walford, Samantha Womack takes to the stage in a new production.

But during an appearance on Loose Women, she admitted to being eager to rekindle with EastEnders, with theories at the ready.

Many fans of the BBC One soap remember her stint in Albert Square, alongside on-screen sister Rita Simons aka Roxy Mitchell, as one of the show's best eras.

Samantha Womack made her EastEnders debut on on July 24, 2007, slipping into the skin of Ronnie Mitchell, a cousin of Walford tough man Phil, Grant and Sam.

Less than a decade later, Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell were given the chop.

The former married Jack Branning but the wedding day turned tragic when she leapt into a pool to try and save her drunken sister from the water.

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Both sisters drowned, with Ronnie dying after becoming entangled in her own wedding dress.

Since then, Samantha Womack has gone on to focus on many other projects including a production of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe – but is not against returning to the Square.

Appearing on ITV's Loose Women on Monday, Samantha responded to some theories that her character could have faked her death with a little help from Billy Mitchell, who worked in a morgue at the time.

Samantha surprisingly agreed, assuring it could be possible and reflecting on her "amazing time" on the long-running drama.

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"I don't know you get old enough and you say never too late to anything, you're always proved wrong at some stage", she said, speaking of a potential return.

She has previously ruled out a comeback in 2021.

"It was an amazing time an amazing character a great storyline some of the best work I've ever did with the baby swap and Larry Lamb, they were fantastic."

But how could Ronnie make her comeback?


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Two theories assert that both Ronnie and her sister Roxy faked their own deaths and are on the run from drug lords in Ibiza.

Another one, as mentioned above, suggests Billy Mitchell helped them get away with as he worked in a funeral director at the time.

"I like option three because it's believable, it could happen", Samantha said.

But she has her own suggestion for soap bosses: "Or I could come back as a poisonous twin, come back as a lost Scot sister."

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EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday on BBC One.

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