Spoilers: Callum saved as Ben and Stuart race to the rescue in EastEnders?

The mission is on to save Callum Highway (Tony Clay) in EastEnders and, despite Shirley Carter (Linda Henry) seeing no sign of him in the warehouse where he was held by Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters), he remains there, hungry, cold and injured. Time is running out but his soulmate Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) and brother Stuart (Ricky Champ are not giving up on him.

As edgy Stuart is getting in a state over what has become of his sibling, Rainie Cross (Tanya Franks) offers some comfort and a breakthrough is imminent. Meanwhile, the police arrive to see Ben and tell him that there has been no update on Callum’s whereabouts, leaving him angry and lashing out.

Fearing that the man he loves could be dead, Ben is supported by Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) and they, along with Stuart, know that they have limited time to take action.

As they leap into their mission, will Callum be brought home safe?

Having fallen down a dark pit, he will be hard to find, so will he be able to call out if his rescuers track him to the warehouse where he is trapped?

And if he and Ben are indeed reunited, how will he react when he realises that Ben is suffering with serious hearing loss following his fall into the Thames?

Speaking about the deafness storyline, boss Jon Sen said: ‘It has been a long time ambition of EastEnders to reflect the experience of the deaf community and Ben’s new story was the perfect opportunity to do that. We are thrilled to be working with Rose who will play the part of Frankie.’

Charlie Swinbourne, part of the show’s writing team who pitched the idea of this storyline, said: ‘Creating a storyline and a character for EastEnders has been a lifelong dream of mine, so it’s been an incredible experience to work with the EastEnders team over the last few months. Being deaf myself, and a fan of the show from an early age, I’ve always looked out for Ben Mitchell’s character because he was the one who wore hearing aids!

‘I wanted to explore how losing more of his hearing affects Ben, as well as how it makes him see the world – and his deaf identity – a bit differently as time goes on. I also wanted to see deaf characters and sign language become a part of Albert Square, because we see so little representation of deafness in mainstream media. I’m really excited to see this story reach the screen.’

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