Strictly Will Mellors feud with Sheridan Smith – Two Pints reunion to ghosted

Long before he strutted his stuff on Strictly Come Dancing, Will Mellor rose to fame on hit BBC comedy Two Pints of Lager and a Packet Of Crisps alongside Sheridan Smith.

The pair played on-off lovers Gaz and Janet in the programme, which ran for more than 10 years from 2001 and made its stars household names.

Sheridan later landed major musical roles in the West End and in ITV dramas, while Will most recently played Harvey Gaskell in Coronation Street – with the character set to make another appearance in the soap this week.

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However away from our screens, it has been reported that there were 'tensions' between the two former co-stars, with Will claiming that Sheridan had not replied to his calls or texts.

Despite this, there are now reports that the two are back in contact and that a Two Pints reunion could be on the way.

While a reunion has not been confirmed, Daily Star has taken a closer look inside the reported 'feud' between Will and Sheridan.


Will has spoken openly about trying to re-connect with Sheridan in recent years, but claimed in 2020 that his calls had gone unanswered.

Speaking on The Morning After with Paul Danan podcast, Will said: "I don't know what happened, she won't reply to my calls or text messages at all."

The star also reiterated the claims during an interview with Daily Star, saying that he and Sheridan had not spoken to each other in four years.

He also confirmed that he didn't know why he had been effectively ghosted by his former co-star, as the two had not fallen out or had a row with one another.

Will said: "I haven't spoken to Sheridan for four years – I have tried to message and call her but nothing.

"I had a 40th birthday party that she was invited to but we haven't spoken. There has not been a row, no fall-out… I honestly couldn't tell you why.

"She is doing very well, her career is smashing it and she has a kid now, she has other responsibilities.

"We were very, very close at one point and you just drift apart – but I wish her well."

Heartbreaking loss

In 2020, Will revealed that he had suffered a heartbreaking loss in his personal life, following the death of his father from lung cancer.

Speaking about his father on the Two Pints with Will & Ralf podcast, Will said: "He sat in a chair outside the back door and I sat up the garden and I didn't hug him because of the coronavirus thing and he passed away without me doing that.

"He actually said to me 'if I got hold of you I wouldn't be able to let go'. That was one of the last things he said to me and it absolutely killed me."

Following the death of his father, Will claimed that Sheridan did not reach out following the loss, which he said was "quite significant" for him.

The actor had offered his support to Sheridan following the death of her father in 2016, but speaking about his own loss to OK! Magazine, Will said: "I haven’t spoken to her in about six years. I tried calling her for about a year but she never got back to me.

"I offered her my support when her father died, but she never reached out when my dad passed away, which was quite significant for me as we were very close and she knew my family. That said a lot to me."

However, Will added that there were no hard feelings between him and Sheridan, adding: "I wish her well with her career and life though."

Two Pints reunion

Speaking on The Morning After with Paul Danan podcast, Will revealed that he and Two Pints co-star Ralf Little are keen to get the cast back together for a reunion programme, but that this is not possible with Sheridan.

He said: "Sheridan just won't talk about it.

"It's like she just won't pick up the phone about it. There is just no point in going down that route.

"I wanted to be there but she's just not interested so there is no point in going there. We can't get a Two Pints reunion together without her."

However, despite claims of a 'feud' between Will and Sheridan, a source recently told The Sun that the two stars are now back in contact with one another.

It is reported that Sheridan is "open to a reunion" and that there is "nothing but love" between her and the cast.

The source said: "In recent weeks she's reached out to Will and Ralf, who are currently on the Two Pints Live! tour together, and started following them both on social media."

Sheridan has also addressed a possible reunion during an interview with Metro, saying it would be fun to see where her character Janet was now.

Saying she "certainly wouldn't rule out" a reunion, she explained: "We all got really close — we were in it for nine years so it was a big part of my life. Definitely don’t rule out that there would be a reunion one day, although it would be weird because we are all so much older.

"It would be quite funny to see where Janet ended up. She’d probably have about 20 kids or something, still in the pub!"

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