Teen Mom fans worried for Jenelle Evans' son Kaiser, 6, after he allegedly 'flipped off the camera' in now deleted video

TEEN Mom fans are worried for Jenelle Evans' son Kaiser, 6, after he allegedly "flipped off the camera" in a now-deleted video.

The video was actually on his dad Nathan's TikTok before it was taken down.

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Reddit users took to the social media platform to talk about the deleted video where Nathan and Jenelle's son appeared to flip off the camera.

One fan wrote: "I just saw this. Makes me super sad, he's a kid, he shouldn't even know that's a 'bad finger.'"

A second one shared: "Does not surprise me at all. Poor Kaiser!"

A third one commented: "This sucks. Kaiser actually seems like a sweet-natured kid and no one in his life will nurture it. Makes me so sad."

But the comments didn't stop there as more Teen Mom 2 fans continued to talk about what Kaiser could be going through.

A fourth fan said: "I don't see it. Hopefully TikTok took it down!"

A fifth one commented: "Oh gosh. I just spent way too much time on Nathan's Tikok … cringe city. Also legit disturbing. Poor kid."

A sixth one said: "Kid stands no chance. It's absolutely heartbreaking," while a seventh one commented: "Why does everyone use Kaiser? This is sad."

Fans have often slammed Jenelle specifically for favoring Ensley, her daughter with husband David, to the other kids.

Jenelle is also mom to Jace, 11, and her mom has custody of him.

A few weeks ago, Nathan further shocked fans when he boasted that Kaiser loves going to the restaurant Hooters.

Nathan ā€“ who recently split from his girlfriend of three years ā€“ took to Instagram to share a picture of one of the scantily-clad waitresses posing with their son.

"Um… Kaiser said this was his favorite restaurant I wonder why," he captioned the picture of a beaming Kaiser, before adding the hashtag #LikeFatherLikeSon."

In October 2020, Jenelle and Nathan "reached a custody agreement" over their son Kaiser after a nasty court battle.

TMZĀ detailed how theĀ Teen Mom 2Ā alum and Nathan have agreed to shareĀ custodyĀ of their son, along with Nathan's mom, Doris.

Last week, Jenelle said that their co-parenting relationship is going well in a candid TikTok video and hasĀ "no baby daddy drama."

According to documents obtained by the outlet, Jenelle will have primary custody of Kaiser, while Nathan will get him every other weekend.

Nathan's mom will then get Kaiser every fifth weekend and whenever her son can't care for him on his designated weekend.

However, last fall,Ā policeĀ also arrestedĀ NathanĀ in Cary,Ā North Carolina, and he was charged with one count of driving while impaired.

Nathan also posted this fall about learning how toĀ get alongĀ with Jenelle's husband,Ā David Eason.

He said: "I want my son to learn compassion, love, kindness, maturity and how to be a MAN.

"Not a childish fool that holds grudges and puts his son in a worse position. David and Jenelle have my son. So if I have to kiss their freaking butts for 12 more years I will."

Jenelle and Nathan were engaged but called off their wedding in 2015.

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