Teen Mom Jenelle Evans slammed for posting 'tone deaf' and 'horrible' photo of plane to commemorate 9/11

TEEN Mom Jenelle Evans has been slammed for posting a "tone deaf" and "horrible" photo of a plane to commemorate September 11.

On Friday, Jenelle, 28, took to Twitter to share a bizarre painting of an aircraft advancing towards an office window as employees inside enjoyed coffee and donuts.

One of the office workers in the picture can be seen dropping his cup in horror as the plane approaches – on the anniversary of 9/11, the day 2,977 people lost their lives.

"#Neverforget911#911anniversary," Jenelle captioned it.

The image sparked outrage online, as fans criticized the reality starlet's oblivious post on the 19th anniversary of the al-Qaeda terror attacks that left New York City, the United States, and the world in mourning.

"How are you this tone deaf??!!! Awful picture!!" one user raged, while another remarked "what a horrible picture who would post something like that."

"That’s an awful picture," commented a third person. "Idk who would make it never mind post it anywhere."

Jenelle also shared her recollection of the day terrorists targeted the World Trade Center complex and the Pentagon in Washington DC, while a third plane crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001.

"I was in 3rd grade walking home from school because they let us out early," she tweeted, minutes after posting the controversial painting.

"Back then it was safe to walk home from school. When I arrived through my front door, I saw my mom crying and watching the news.

"She explained to me how the World Trade Center was hit by a plane and thousands of lives are at stake.

"The next day they reported how many lives were lost.. mothers, fathers, daughters, sons… it was devastating to hear. I will never forget, and I was only a child."

But Twitter users were not impressed with her comments as one person pointed out: "A plane ??? No two planes" in relation to the twin tower attacks.

"I was wondering when she was going to post something socially ignorant, attention seeking about 9-11," another person said.

But it's not Jenelle's first gaffe on September 11.

In 2016, she shared that her uncle had retired a "week before" hijackers flew two commercial planes into the NYC skyscrapers, killing hundreds of people.

"So I can almost relate," Jenelle wrote, followed by a slew of emojis, which prompted a lot of backlash and was re-shared under her 2020 post.

Jenelle has faced more controversy recently after her mom Barbara "Barb" Evans blamed Teen Mom 2 fans for the star's kids being taken away.

Barb weighed in on the drama during the second episode of Jenelle's YouTube series, I Have Something To Say.

In it, Jenelle, her mom, and husband David Eason talked about the court process to take Maryssa, Kaiser, and Ensley back from CPS.

"Most of the problems occurred was from fans of our show that used to be on MTV called CPS and made these allegations," Barb said. "And they just took the kids without investigating anything."

The official allegations and reasons for taking Jenelle's children away were never revealed by CPS.

Aside from Barbara claiming it was MTV fans who turned traitors, Jenelle blamed claims of David's anger, and David himself blamed the death of Nugget the dog.

The kids were taken away after David, Jenelle's husband, confessed he had shot the family dog after it nipped their daughter Ensley.

But a source previously told RadarOnline.com that the judge told Jenelle that she "failed to protect the children while they were in her care."

MTV then fired her from Teen Mom 2.

David was fired in 2018 after his "homophobic" Twitter rant, in which he compared members of the LGBTQ+ community to dogs.

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