The Chase fans fuming as blind player is hit with unfair visual question

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Fans of The Chase were left furious at their TV sets when a blind contestant was faced with what they believed was a "harsh" visual question.

Monday night's episode of the ITV game show saw the latest four contestants walk into the studio to do their best to win a juicy cash prize to take home.

The new episode welcomed teammates Phil, Leslie, Jen and Josh, who were tasked with facing genius Chaser Mark "The Beast" Labbett.

However, when it was Josh's turn to face Mark, ITV viewers were left fuming at their TV sets as they felt that he had been asked a rather unfair question given the fact that he is a blind contestant.

When York student Josh introduced himself to host Bradley Walsh, he spoke about his blindness and how it impacts his studies.

He explained: "I do physics and astrophysics which is an interesting undertaking.

"Astrophysics and astronomy tend to be quite visual subjects, so as a blind person that can be quite a challenge sometimes but I get through it anyway."

Bradley was supportive of the player, replying: "Good for you, mate."

He had managed an impressive cash builder round, banking £5,000 for his team.

However, during his face-off with Mark, he was hit with a snooker question which caused him some trouble.

The question read: "At the start of a snooker frame, which ball is placed furthest from the player?"

The answers were either "pink", "black" or "blue".

Josh was stumped and he admitted: "I don't know much about snooker", opting for 'pink'.

Sadly, 'pink' it was the incorrect answer and Mark went for 'black' – getting the question right.

Fans were livid on social media, with many claiming that Josh's visual question was unfair considering he was a blind player.

One Twitter user commented: "the man's f***ing blind!!!! Asking him a question about snooker."

A second wrote: "Don't give a blind guy a question about coloured balls ya b**tards!"

A third agreed and said: "Bit harsh on The Chase to give the young blind guy a question a visual question about snooker!"

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